10 Apps That Will Make Your Life as a Student a Lot Easier

Student life is challenging. Juggling between classes, homework, and life, in general, can take a toll on you. However, there are dozens of apps out there that can make your student’s life easier. These apps cater to the daily life of a student. Fortunately for you, we go through the most popular student-oriented apps out there and give you the low-down on what they are best at.


Starting our list is the functional StudyBlue app. This app’s design helps students learn more effectively using digital flashcards. For example, an essay writer can make their flashcards or use the millions already created by other essay writers. The app also creates quizzes based on what you are studying. Also, it reveals which concepts you know and do not know. You can even study offline.


Secondly, on the list is the highly sought-after EasyBib app. This app helps create bibliographies, and works cited pages for your research papers. Just scan a book’s barcode with your phone’s camera, and EasyBib automatically creates citations in MLA, APA, or Chicago/Turabian styles. You can also search for specific books or articles by title.

Blackboard Mobile Learn

If your school uses Blackboard for its online learning management system, then this is the app for you. Blackboard Mobile Learn allows you to access all your online courses from your mobile device. Therefore, you can quickly check assignments and grades, post to discussion boards, and send messages to other students in your class.

My Study Life

When having difficulties keeping track of your schedule, My Study Life is the perfect app for you. The app allows you to set up reminders for assignments, tests, and exams. You can even set priorities for each task. Therefore, you do not have to worry about forgetting anything important.


Evernote makes it easy to keep track of notes and other things like pictures and voice memos. The best part is that you can sync these notes across multiple devices. You will never have to worry about forgetting something important ever again.


Todoist is an all-purpose to-do list app. It is available on the web, and it has apps for Android, iOS, and other platforms. It is simple to use but has plenty of powerful features lurking under the surface if you need them. You can create projects to organize your tasks, share them with other people, assign tasks to others, and much more. Even a feature allows you to collaborate on tasks with your friends.


This app allows users to take notes using their fingers on the screen. There are different colors to choose from, and the pen tool allows for drawing on the screen with precision. You can even add audio recordings. Afterward, you can play your recordings automatically when you reach the corresponding page. It is perfect for lectures that require visual aids and researching textbooks by drawing out concepts.

Wolfram Alpha

Whether you are trying to figure out the volume of a cylinder or need a calculus equation solved, Wolfram Alpha is your best friend. The app has a massive database of information that can solve just about any math problem you throw at it. You can also use it to research anything — from geography to languages to politics and history.


If you are studying from a textbook or an assigned reading, CamScanner can help you keep track of all your notes in one place. The app lets you take a page photo and then crop it to look like a scanned copy.

You can then share the image with others or save it to your phone or cloud storage space. Moreover, you can create PDFs of multiple images. This feature makes it easy to organize study materials into separate files.


Studying usually means long hours at the library, or maybe at home with your computer open and distractions all around. SelfControl lets you block out certain websites for however long you need to get your work done.

For example, if you are easily distracted by social media while working on an important assignment, SelfControl can block those websites. The block lasts as long as you choose not to tempt you away from getting your work done.

As students, there are many different things we have to take care of, and often there is little time to spare. These apps should help make your life a little easier whether you are studying or already in the workforce.

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