10 days, 10 games: indoor game ideas to play with your kids at home

F10 days, 10 games: indoor game ideas to play with your kids at home
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F10 days, 10 games: indoor game ideas to play with your kids at home

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads, self-isolation or quarantine is one of the key strategies in “flattening the curve” of infection rates. These isolation periods involve individuals or families staying within their homes, and not having physical contact with those outside. With the school and daycare closures, as well as workplaces shutting down or moving to remote working, families around the world are facing the prospect of precisely the kind of long days that they need to ovecome.But what can families expect and how can they survive not only the virus, but each other? So, we have listed out tem indoor games that you can play with your kids during the coronavirus crisis time.

Ludo- This game is still a hot favorite in every Indian family. Winning the game is the only motto of each player, playing singly or as a team, with total four players. So Ludo can be ranked as one of the top games of childhood till date.

Treasure hunt: Finding hidden objects is quite thrilling to kids, especially if there is a competitive challenge involved. So write a few clues and hide them in your kids stuff, and ask them to look for them, making a trail to find the final prize. This game will boost their motor skills.

Paper pencil games: Paper pencil games can be very interesting and educational. Remember the times we played name, place, animal, thing? Well there are multiple other games such as X and O, hangman, building words, and dots and squares. These games also help increase mathematical and strategy thinking in kids.

Scrabble/Boggle– Scrabble and Boggle are fun word-building games, where you score points based on your word or number of words you can find. They help improve your child’s vocabulary, and the competition is enough to keep them interested while learning new words alongside.

 Uno: A family favorite, Uno is fun and requires you to be alert.

Pictionary – Who does not love Pictionary? No matter if you are creative or not, you will surely enjoy playing Pictionary. The family members will each take turn to draw and let others guess what the drawing is. You can come up with various categories like movies, music, people, thing or TV shows to make the game more exciting.

Jenga – Each family member will take turn in pulling out a block from the tower. As long as the tower is standing still, the game is on. Whoever makes the tower falls loses the game. This is one exciting game and the great part is that only one loses and the rest are all winners.

Charades – Just like Pictionary, charades is a kind of game that will never grow old. You loved it as a kid and you will surely love it until you are an adult with kids and even with grandkids. The best thing about this game is that you can play this anywhere and you no longer need any props, boards or materials to use. You can just write down words from different categories in a piece of paper and let the participants guess. This can also be a team game or an individual game.

Carrom- One stroke from your finger, just twisting it and the fun to watch the striker hitting the other strikes on the board and dropping them in the net bag, what else the more strikes you have you are the winner, just a movement of your fingers. 

Hide & Seek- What else can be fun than to hide, and being found by the den means you are out, so hide as much as you can, and the one found the last is the winner.

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