10 Tips to Grow Your Online Business by Using Push Notifications

Do you know that in 2017, users were more disposed to receive react-native push notifications compared to the users in 2015? 

In this article, we will be discussing tips to grow your online business with push notifications like a pro!

Tips to remember!

  1. Do not give them a chance to opt-out

Take users’ permission to send them push notifications. Without their knowing, such pop-ups messages can irritate them and further cause complete abandonment of your product. Give them an option to opt-in as it also makes them feel important. 

  1. Alarm them with a reminder

Do you know that more than 75% of the carts never make it to the end in the e-commerce business? That led to an average loss of $4 trillion each year due to the cart abandonment results.

Cart abandonment can happen due to many reasons. You must find the root cause and fix it. During such a situation, push notifications can be your savior as they will remind your users of their abandoned cart, and most of the time, users come back and complete the whole buying process.

  1. Watch their actions and then react

Analyze users’ behavior and create customized push notifications that can help increase website traffic and further conversions. Personalized push notifications always give the best results as they provide what users need and want. You can also offer discounts that will work like a charm for your business.

  1. Know your audience

Create such notifications that users get anxious to purchase from your website. Give them what they desire by conducting a proper segmentation, creating lists, and setting the frequency for these triggers, and you will see the difference in sales rate at your website.

  1. Occasion-themed party

Bring users to your website on occasions when they are looking for presents for their loved ones. That brings an excellent opportunity to send push notifications that persuade users to shop for something from your website or app.

  1. Make a quick move

Flash sales messages create urgency among users to buy their wish-listed products as this sale does not last for too long. That has resulted in huge profitable sales on the website and increased website traffic.

Deliver such push notifications that consist of time-bound offers that are irresistible to the users. Add a cherry on the cake by adding discount offers in the push notifications.

  1. Lure them with cross-selling

Online businesses are gaining huge profits through cross-selling that involves messages like, “customers who bought this item also bought” or “frequently bought together”. That creates an urge in the current customer to repeat the action and buy the other product. That is how online businesses have earned 35% of their sales.

Cross-selling on e-commerce websites has become a common thing today as it leads to higher chances of users buying more products than they come for!

  1. Target their interests

Drip notifications will help you target new subscribers by delivering them a series of push notifications depending on their search history or items they have added to their cart. It’s one of the most successful moves to grab attention and boost traffic on the website.

  1. Make them curious about your product

Sometimes users get lost in the website and require a guiding light. Pursue them to take help from CTA(Call-to-Action), which is available in your web push notification. You can guide them by asking them to install a book, or maybe book a webinar related to their journey.

  1. Do not let them go empty-handed

Imagine a situation where a user is interested in one of the products on your website or app. Do not let your customer leave with disappointment. Bring a smile on their faces by assuring them of the product availability once the product is in stock next time, or suggest the customer with similar products.

There are high chances that the customer will buy a similar product in stock, or might wait for the required product to become available. This will help to create value in the eyes of customers.

In a nutshell…

React native push notifications are an effective tool to boost sales and user engagement on your website. However, they need a proper strategy to target potential customers and retain existing ones.

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