4 Lessons from Stephen King on How to Be a Great Writer

Becoming a writer changes your lifestyle completely. As a writer, you deeply care about your work and give out the best in yourself to climb the success ladder. Writers connect personally with their characters and experience things more deeply. Writing does not only help you understand people better, but it will also help you empathize with them on another level. You will start perceiving society and reality with another set of eyes – and you’ll actually earn money from your passion, and not by performing tasks you do not enjoy.

Why Should I Become a Writer?

Pursuing a career in writing is a popular idea today. However, many writers become authors for the wrong reasons. Writing should not be perceived as a fast means to earn money but rather as an art, an enjoyable pursuit of happiness. Writing helps us understand ourselves better, grow, and give back to the community. Here some of the most inspiring reasons to become a writer.

  • It all starts and ends with you. You like to create and give life to other worlds of your own. You’re some sort of a mini-God, basically. You decide anything that happens in your Universe. You’re passionate about giving life to weird (but awesome) ideas. Anyway, in case you’re running out of ideas, you could ask others for help. Working with the most impressive essay writers from Writix can be of major importance in the case of a writing block. They are great at helping you overcome it and get past your writing fear. Plus, it’s smart to contact them whenever you need your book edited or checked for grammar mistakes.
  • You will feel the writer’s rush! That means, you will feel adrenaline in your whole body when you’re writing because you know that you might be giving life to the best story ever. Plus, it’s not for you, so you’ll also feel great about sharing your thoughts and ideas with the public – and receiving feedback on it.
  • You’ll literally change lives. I cannot explain to you enough how much the Harry PotterSaga changed my life. Whenever I felt sad, angry, or motivated even, I would read her book and get started on my own. I became a writer due to J.K. Rowling! You’ll become a powerful example for your writers.
  • Writing is free therapy – it’s like journaling but better. It helps you get to know yourself in more depth. You will experience your feelings and emotions at maximum intensity.
  • You can move freely and live the life of a freelancer. Writers are working flexible hours and can work out of anywhere they choose. You could visit your parents on the other side of the country and write. You could drive to the nearest beach and write. You could sip on your favorite coffee and write. Writing doesn’t limit your freedom in any way, as other regular jobs do.

Stephen King: How You Can Ace Writing in 4 Steps

For those of you who are already convinced, here are the best ways in which you can become a great writer. This advice comes straight from Stephen King, an outstanding American author of horror and supernatural fiction (which you should’ve heard about by now).

Lesson 1. Perceive failure as a lesson and learn from it

Failure is not something to be scared of but rather something valuable to learn from. If you scare easily, you’ll never become a successful writer. Stephen King makes a beautiful comparison. He’s explaining how writing fiction compares to crossing an ocean in a bathtub – there’s a lot of self-doubt in both.

Lesson 2. Don’t second guess yourself

You might have moments of doubt, but you should never second-guess yourself. Writing comes from your heart, not your mind. Don’t lose time trying to please everyone, rudeness should be one of your last concerns. Write truthfully, argues King.

Lesson 3. Take writing very seriously

Write as much as you can, whenever you can, whether you’re nervous, excited, in despair, or hopeless. Writing is an art, but it should be taken very seriously. King argues that if you don’t feel like writing seriously one day, better not write at all.

Lesson 4. Live a happy, balanced life

Last tip from our beloved King – maintain a balanced life, love, live life to the fullest. Clear your mind of any impurities and seize the day!

Wrapping Up

Writing is one of the coolest jobs on the planet. If you want to get started, listen to Mr. King right here, and learn from your failures, be confident, take this seriously, and maintain a balanced life. Besides that, don’t forget to write every single day to form habits that stick!

Author Bio:

Michael Turner is a freelancer and writing specialist. He leads a writing class online and helps students around the globe reach new levels of self-confidence. Michael likes to ride his motorcycle and hike in his free time.

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