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5 Habits That Are Killing Us

Let’s admit that it’s impossible to live life according to certain rules and be the right person. There’s no point in it. But does it mean you have to forget about yourself and even do everything that can kill you? Probably not. We all know there are certain generally accepted bad habits, which still doesn’t prevent people from avoiding them. However, we are sure you have habits that are considered to be normal, but in reality, they are slowly killing you. It’s possible to kill a man in many ways: to impact health, productivity, creativity, motivation, and many other sides of personality. However, today we’ll focus on habits harming your health.

This article is useful for everyone who wants to change their life, and especially young people. The habits are formed throughout the lifetime, but many people agree that they got into some habits while studying at school or college. If you think it’s connected with studying, and the workload is what makes you kill yourself, it’s time to have a rest. Students often get assistance online, so you can do the same: download medical essay samples, hire a tutor, or find the necessary information to finish homework faster and get rest.

Now let’s find out what habits can kill you:

  1. Too much screen time

Smartphones, laptops, tablet PCs, and other devices with screens are now a casualty. People stopped perceiving them negatively long ago. On the one hand, it’s good and doesn’t prevent progress, but on the other hand, we started ignoring the danger. As a result, dangers surround us everywhere. Both young and old people suffer from it. The abundance of technologies has many side effects. First of all, the frequent use of smartphones makes us slouch more and more. You can’t even imagine how high the strain on vertebrae is. Our eyes also suffer from screen exposure, although modern technologies help manufacturers make less dangerous devices. Finally, many people have problems with socialization due to smartphones and everything related to them. This habit will kill our mental and physical health if we don’t find a way to stop it.

  1. Sleep deprivation

Let’s leave aside people having sleep disorders and other health conditions, leading to the lack and even absence of night’s rest. We want to discuss people who decide not to sleep themselves. Many things can make them do it: a desire to spend more time with friends, the need to earn more money, and other mental sets. Well, they’ll probably live their lives to the fullest and all that, but where is the guarantee that you’ll make it to your 30’s? It’s awful to see how people underestimate the essential body’s needs. When you sleep, all systems of your organism have a rest. It’s especially important for the brain, cardiovascular system, and psyche.

  1. Sedentary lifestyle

Can you name yourself an active person? How many steps a day do you take? Numerous studies found that any person should take at least 10,000 steps a day to stay healthy and ensure normal functioning of the body. Yet, college students, older people, and office workers hardly walk so much, to say nothing about freelancers who work remotely from home. If you don’t participate in any other activities and don’t move enough, you have a sedentary life. It’s the worst thing that can occur with the young person: it starts killing you so slowly that you don’t even notice it. You start gaining weight, your bones and joints lose strength and elasticity. As a result, people run out of energy and remain in this state for a long time.

  1. Uncontrolled antibiotics consumption

Scientists have been working on this medication for a long time to help humanity survive. However, the shortsightedness of millions of people will finally lead to extinction and the need to develop new drugs. Antibiotics serve only one purpose — to kill bacteria. It means that doctors prescribe them to people having bacterial diseases. But how can you be sure you have this illness when you don’t go to the hospital and think you’re competent enough to choose medication alone. As a result, people use antibiotics when they aren’t necessary and form resistance. All further consumption of antibiotics won’t have any effect, and the disease will become chronic.

  1. Not getting enough water

Enough daily fluid intake is one of the elements of a healthy lifestyle, but even those who stick to it fail to drink water. It’s the biggest mistake and the worst habit they may have. Water ensures a stable work of the whole body: your joints stay healthy, your stomach can digest food better, your body can regulate the temperature, and finally, you avoid dehydration. Don’t make a widespread mistake and think that coffee and other beverages can replace water — you don’t even realize how much you harm yourself.

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