5 Ways That Work Like A Charm To Bring Men Closer To Their Crush

You have to admit that the most exciting part of being in love with someone is not knowing if they like you or not. The “what-ifs” usually rule your mind most of the time and you can’t help but process many assumptions at once. However, the most brazen is figuring out how to approach the one in love. Not in a creepy way, of course, but closer perhaps emotionally, physically and in terms of proximity.

We believe that the only way to get definitive answers is not to sit back and assume what you are thinking, but to be proactive and act on what you already know or want to know! You should also give them subtle clues to the fact that you’re in love with them and if the feelings are mutual, you’ve already laid the foundation for yourself!

So, here are 5 ways that work like a charm to help you get closer to the person you like.

1. Follow them on social media, but don’t be a fool

If you’ve met them once or twice, sending them a friend or a follow-up request shouldn’t be a problem. They will surely accept it if they know you. Once they have accepted your request, don’t go crazy stalking them! I mean, yeah, you can take a look at their profile, etc., but make sure you don’t accidentally “like” anything. Also, stay away from spooky messages via DM. That is simply a no! In fact, what you can do is discover what their interests and hobbies are through their profiles and use them to find a common connection.

2. Use commonalities to connect

It’s easier to start a conversation with someone you have something in common with than to point in the dark. By that I mean that if you find out that she loves dogs and you do too, maybe strike up a conversation about love for animals or dogs. But if you don’t like dogs, don’t pretend that you will or will be ‘fishing’ her instead. Find out what he likes to do, and if it’s common with your interest, and then strike up a conversation.

3. Strike up a conversation

Now that you’ve made enough contact with her through social media, it’s time to strike up a conversation about anything you feel can connect you both. However, don’t push him. Start the conversation slowly and steadily and build it up as you go. Find out what she has in mind, try to be slightly sensitive and funny about general things, and try to get to know her better, once you establish a solid foundation.

4. Have a ‘memes’

Your conversations may not last long or happen as often as you want them to. That does not mean that you become absolutely quiet and silent. You can still keep going through your DMs with funny memes that can make her laugh, or start a short conversation about the meme or the day in general. Having a memeship with someone you like is healthy and sometimes necessary. Be careful what kind of content you send him through those memes though. It shouldn’t be something to offend her.

5. Ask them out on a date

Once you’ve established a basic flow of communication through conversations, rummaging through social media and memes, you can definitely go ahead and ask her out on a date. Or you can invite her out for coffee because it is a safer option than inviting her for a drink. If you ask her out for a drink, chances are she is supposed to want to have sex with her later. Well, most of the time it does. But she’s your crush, so I’m sure you’d like to go out with her and really get to know her before any other need for intimacy arises. So, invite her out for a nice cup of coffee, lunch, or even dinner, and I’m sure she’ll say yes!

Social networks have become a necessary tool to establish any type of communication and you must know how to use them well if you want to know someone better. Don’t get carried away by that, or harass someone, but try to follow these previous steps to introduce yourself decently and introduce yourself to the person you like.

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