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5 Ways To Boost Stamina Naturally Post Lockdown

As we slowly leave our homes and start going to the office, we discover that the lockdown to do so is not there. It’s time to rewire: we just have to take small steps to get to where we want to be and do it systematically.

‘COVID-19’ and ‘stay home’ are some of the most popular words for the past three months. The ongoing pandemic has made severe changes to our lifestyle, indirectly affecting our physical and psychological well-being. We go from working from the office to the desks in our house, from dining in restaurants to simply eating at home, from going to the gym every day to do daily housework: our lives are reconnected and our movements are restricted. While there are many who found a way to exercise on a daily basis and follow a healthy eating pattern, but for most of us it was just sitting back, eating all the delicious and decadent homemade treats, which we were missing due to the fever of life daily.

Today, as we slowly leave our homes, starting to go to the office, we discover that the lockdown to do so is not there. We tire easily and feel the need to strain mentally and physically to do what we used to do without putting in extra effort. But do not worry! It’s time to rewire: we just have to take small steps to get to where we want to be and do it systematically.

Here are easy ways to boost your stamina post lockdown

Eat at the right times

It makes a world of difference to our system that is closely related to the sundial. Set your meal times and stick to them by keeping a 30-minute margin up or down. Eating at regular times means that energy levels remain stable and do not balance from high to low. This will help your body rhythm stabilize; It will balance hormones and keep you energized.

Eat nutrient-rich foods

One of the best things that happened during the running of the bulls was that we were eating fresh homemade food with mainly fresh ingredients. We learned how to make pizza and burgers at home, but all with fresh and healthy ingredients. Any food that is closer to its natural, less processed, and seasonal form is best for your health. Cheat meals are only 1-2 meals a week. Nutrient-dense foods add health, while refined and processed foods add empty calories, leaving you without energy and feeling low. Fermented foods add good bacteria that keep our intestines healthy and nutrient absorption efficient.

Drink, drink and drink a lot of water

We are in the middle of summer and we need hydration. Even mild dehydration leaves us exhausted; therefore, one should drink adequate fluids, and a glass of water is the best option. But if just having water is monotonous, you can drink fresh lemon water, coconut water, fresh iced tea, jaljeera or aam panna without sugar or with the minimum amount of sugar. Bael Sorbet is another amazing drink you can try. Again, as you rediscover food, I’m sure you must have found many traditional summer drinks that need very little work and are super hydrating. But keep caffeine to a minimum!

Include nuts and seeds in your diet

Nuts and seeds are a yes in summers too. You can soak them if you think they are “garam” in the summers. You can even add nuts to your summer drinks. Almond Thandai is a healthy drink and can even be drunk in the summer. We only need one ounce of nuts and seeds per day, which means 15-20 almonds, one walnut, and one teaspoon of seeds. Walnuts add healthy fats, fiber, protein, and most importantly, antioxidants, which are known to cleanse free radicals from our system. They are excellent for increasing immunity to.

Exercise your body

Those who have taken this time to do nothing in the exercise space should restart. No matter where you were when the crash occurred, you must start again. Do not return to the high level of exercise immediately, come slowly. And those who have maintained a medium level of exercise can move to the next level, but gradually.

These are testing times, and while a lot is being unlocked, minimal social contact still needs to be maintained along with frequent hand washing and disinfection. We will reclaim our lives, but we must not forget the good habits that forced us to relearn, such as eating homemade food, rediscovering traditional foods, hand and body hygiene, spending quality time with the family and sitting for a while. There is a silver lining to every cloud and the sun shines after every dark night.

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