5 Ways to Get The Most Out of Your Sleep

Getting good sleep is tricky in today’s world. Through our smartphones and computers, we are constantly exposed to blue light, which sends the same message: “Stay awake!” We also deal with aspects of modern-day stress that can be overwhelming. As you’re tossing and turning, you’re losing sleep, waking up tired and frustrated at the day. Instead of mustering the willpower to manage exhaustion, you can manage your sleep by taking an active role in ensuring that the quality of your sleep continuously improves. So, how can you do that? Here are five ways to get the most out of your sleep!

1. Get A Better Mattress

The mattress you sleep on has a massive influence on your sleep. An old bed can seriously limit your ability to get comfortable. The more worn out your mattress, the greater your likelihood of experiencing body pain from inadequate support throughout the night. Everyone needs something different out of their mattress.

Factors that influence your comfort, like weight, height, and preferred sleep position, will determine whether you need a  firm or soft mattress. Take your time trying out different mattresses, and if it’s needed, replace your outdated mattress with a new one. You deserve it!

2. Have A Nightly Wind-Down Ritual

Don’t just crash into bed after a long day. Setting the intention to have a peaceful, restful night can go a long way in influencing your sleep. Create nighttime rituals that influence sleep.

You might take a bubble bath, have a glass of wine, or journal for a few minutes before bed. Anything that you consider relaxing and sleep-inducing can be an activity to help you wind down for the night. The more you practice these wind-down activities, the more your brain and body will learn to associate these things with sleep.

Create a nighttime routine that works for you and settle in for a good night’s sleep!

3. Use Sleep Meditations

Sometimes the inner chatter in our minds is the culprit behind why we can’t sleep! To help turn your mind off, distract it with something sleep-inducing. Put on a pair of noise-canceling headphones and drift off to dreamland with background commentary from something other than your mind! Listening to monotone talking through sleep meditations, sleep stories, or even a news podcast can be enough to help you hit the hay.

4. Adjust the Temperature

As your settle into sleep, your body temperature will naturally cool down. You might recognize that you feel colder during the night because you are not adjusting your home’s temperature to accommodate these natural changes in your body during sleep.

The same is true if you set your thermostat too high and deal with night sweats or a heavy comforter. Adjust your home’s temperature to the setting that feels right to you and swap out heavy-duty comforters for lightweight alternatives during the cooler months of the year. With your body feeling comfortable, you can fall into a deep sleep more easily. 

5. Play Mental Games

By occupying your mind with something intentional, you can let yourself fall asleep with less awareness as to the fact that you need to sleep NOW. Try counting sheep, making a mental gratitude list, or saying the alphabet backward silently to yourself as you fall asleep. Sleep will happen more naturally when you take the pressure off yourself and let it come to you. 

The Bottom Line

To get the most out of your sleep, do what you can to induce feelings of sleepiness gradually. Consider the above suggestions so your mind and body feel comfortable, relaxed, and invested in your sleep.

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