A nutritionist bunks 8 myths

There are a number of myths round what meals to eat and keep away from throughout being pregnant. Hence, we spoke to a nutritionist about the appropriate being pregnant weight loss plan.

Pregnancy is a really particular section in a girl’s life, a phenomenal journey. As thrilling as it’s, it additionally brings with it nervousness and nervousness. We know that individuals round us have limitless recommendation so it turns into robust with assimilating and digesting info and placing it to good use. To acquire vital insights into the significance of nutritious meals for expectant moms and to bust some myths across the meals they will eat or keep away from, we spoke to Dr Meghana Pasi, a Nutrition knowledgeable with Arogya World’s My Thali program.

Importance of maternal vitamin

Dr Meghana conveyed to us that vitamin occurs to be a key think about making certain the nice well being of each the mom and the kid. She mentioned, “Pregnancy takes a toll on the body and therefore, good nutrition is required due to increased maternal metabolism and to provide fetal nutrition. Moreover, after the child is born, all the attention is challenged towards the infant. This may lead to nutritional deficiencies developing in the mother and hence, for mothers to eat a balanced diet, is a requisite both during and post-pregnancy.”

pregnancy nutrition
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Busting myths round meals for pregnant ladies

We, nevertheless, can not negate that there are a number of myths about what moms ought to and shouldn’t eat. This can create confusion and result in nervousness in anticipating moms. Hence, you will need to fight misinformation and myths. Dr Meghana busted 8 myths about meals for pregnant ladies:

Myth 1: A pregnant lady must eat for 2

This is likely one of the commonest issues a pregnant lady hears however it’s a delusion! Dr Meghana mentioned, “Requirements for calories should be taken into account for expectant mothers. For a sedentary woman, 1700 calories per day is the outer limit. Therefore, an additional 350 calories per day would ensure optimal and gradual weight gain. You may consider having 5 to 6 small meals throughout the day which are full of proteins, good fats and complex carbohydrates. Eating the double of what you usually consume is not a healthy practice.”

pregnancy nutrition
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Myth 2: Follow a restrictive weight loss plan to maintain your self in form

Pregnancy just isn’t the best time to experiment with diets or prohibit the variety of energy consumed. Just like you shouldn’t exceed a wholesome calorie depend, you also needs to not let the variety of energy lower to keep away from drastic weight acquire. Dr Meghana recommends “Having wholesome and well-balanced meals without worrying about weight gain. On average, a woman will gain about 10 kgs during pregnancy. That is absolutely normal! Starving oneself can cause complications with the pregnancy and adversely impact the health of both the child and the mother. So, it is about practising moderation.”

Myth 3: Certain meals trigger miscarriage

Many imagine that meals, corresponding to papayas, dry fruits, pineapples, oranges and curd, could cause miscarriage. This is, nevertheless, not true. According to Dr Meghana, “There is no reason to abstain from these foods. In fact, fruits and nuts are particularly nutritious for mothers-to-be due to the presence of essential vitamins. Many also believe that fruits that contain vitamin C can lead to miscarriage but consuming oranges, mangoes and papaya can facilitate better digestion and boost immunity levels.”

Myth 4: Avoid caffeine utterly throughout your being pregnant

There are some who imagine caffeine can hurt the event of the child and therefore, they imagine pregnant ladies ought to avoid tea or espresso. About caffeine consumption, Dr Meghana mentioned, “Drinking 5 to six cups of espresso or tea can undoubtedly irritate the intestine and trigger discomfort however there’s no hurt in having your morning cup of espresso or tea. In reality, you possibly can have 1 to 2 cups of your most well-liked beverage. Caffeine does have antioxidants and immunity-boosting properties. Having ginger or masala chai also can calm the nausea in pregnant ladies. “

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Food cravings throughout being pregnant aren’t all that unhealthy if tackled appropriately. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Myth 5: Having milk and peanut will make the child allergic to those meals

Many pregnant ladies lower out milk and nuts from their weight loss plan as a result of they assume consuming these might result in lactose intolerance or a nut allergy within the child. Dr Meghana clarifies that “There is no scientific evidence suggesting this. In fact, these foods are high in protein and can have a positive impact on the health of both the baby and the mother.”

Myth 6: Indigestion throughout being pregnant is regular

Yes, being pregnant is related to indigestion and it’s generally skilled however it’s a matter of concern. Dr Meghana defined “Taking care of your gut health is important as it will lead to better absorption of nutrients. So, pregnant or not, indigestion should not be ignored. To keep your digestion healthy, consider having pulses, legumes, and probiotics like curd.”

Myth 7: Fish and different seafood just isn’t wholesome

Actually, consuming fish can truly be wholesome for pregnant ladies! Dr Meghana mentioned, (*8*)

Myth 8: Having meat is critical throughout being pregnant

If you’re a vegetarian and have been frightened about this, you want to loosen up. Dr Meghana explains, “Having meat is not necessary and there are various other protein sources that you can consume! So, you don’t have to force yourself to have non-vegetarian food. Instead, you can increase your consumption of curd, milk, cheese, and legumes.”

So, women, don’t imagine the myths and eat dietary meals to maintain your self and the child wholesome!

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