After TikTok and various others, LinkedIn now caught stealing iOS clipboard data; Suggests it’s a bug

Apps have been found to access user data on iOS without their permission, and the lastest one is LinkedIn.

Recently, a new privacy feature in iOS 14 revealed that TikTok and many more apps were accessing user data copied to the iOS clipboard. Now, it comes to light that another popular app, LinkedIn, has been doing the same thing and accessing all user data through the clipboard. Read on to know more about this.

Then TikTok, LinkedIn spying on iOS users

It is suggested that the LinkedIn app for iPhones and iPads take all the data that a person copies to the iOS clipboard without their permission. The acquisition of user data takes place every time a key is pressed.

The security problems on LinkedIn were revealed by a writer on Twitter with the Twitter identifier ‘@DonCubed’. The posted tweet shows a video of how the LinkedIn app pastes all user data with each keystroke. Also, since Apple IDs and the iOS clipboard remain the same for all Apple devices a person has, the app can access clipboard data from any device.

For those of you wondering how iOS is updated from it, it’s because of iOS 14’s new privacy feature that notifies users (in the form of banner notification) every time an app takes their data from the clipboard. Clipboard data may include passwords, bitcoin addresses, account numbers, and any other confidential information.

LinkedIn told ZDNet that the app that took all user data through the iOS clipboard was due to a mistake and not a deliberate ritual performed by the company. LinkedIn is expected to issue an update for it soon.

To remember, apps like TikTok, PUBG Mobile, Fruit Ninja, 8 Ball Pool, AliExpress, and more were found performing the same bad action, intruding on users’ privacy and accessing their data. While TikTok suggested it will introduce an update to fix the security issue, there is no news from other apps.

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