All you need to know about migraine attacks and triggers

Migraine is a typical well being subject, affecting 1 in each 7 folks globally, thrice extra widespread in ladies than males. But, what causes it? According to Dr Lakshmi Krishna V, guide neurology at Kauvery Hospitals, Electronic City, Bengaluru, migraine is a neurological illness whereby an individual experiences reasonable to extreme one-sided headache which will final for 4-72 hours, and is usually related to nausea,vomiting, dizziness and excessive sensitivity to mild and sound.

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“Most people with migraine will have only a few attacks per month, and 2 per cent of total cases are chronic migraine cases, wherein people may experience headache for more than 15 days a month,” she explains.

Migraine triggers

Cheese, wine, chocolate, nuts, processed meals, sure odours, vivid mild, sleep disturbances, menstruation, menopause, journey, climate modifications, and stress can all set off migraine ache.

Migraine phases

The physician explains that an episode of migraine reveals 4 phases: first is the prodrome section, which occurs just a few hours to days earlier than a headache. During this section, the particular person can be irritable, depressed and can have elevated yawning, meals cravings.

Second one is the aura section, the place an individual sees flashes of sunshine in entrance of their eyes, sees zig-zag traces, feels numbness and tingling within the physique. Migraines can happen with and with out aura.

The third section is the headache section lasting for 4-72 hours and the fourth section is migraine hangout section by which the particular person can be typically unwell, irritable, and confused.

migraine, migraine headache, migraine pain, how to treat migraine pain, migraine triggers, what triggers migraine pain, chronic migraine, indian express news Migraine is a neurological illness whereby an individual experiences reasonable to extreme one-sided headache. (Photo: Getty/Thinkstock)

“In women, the frequency of migraine can increase during menstruation, possibly due to fall in the hormone levels (estrogen). In 2/3 of cases, migraine decreases during menopause. But in a few patients, it can begin after menopause,” she says.

Did you know that youngsters additionally get migraines?

“For them, it is usually presented as cyclical vomiting syndrome or abdominal migraine with no headache. Colic in infants may be the earliest sign of migraine. Children with one parent suffering from migraine have 50 per cent chance of getting migraine, and if both parents are affected, then the chances are 75 per cent.”


Migraine is a benign situation, says the physician, including that reassurance is the primary a part of remedy. “Avoidance of triggers is key. It includes quitting smoking, avoiding alcohol, reducing excessive caffeine, and avoiding birth control pills in women with migraines.”

Nonpharmacological therapies like deep respiratory, yoga and rest methods are additionally discovered to be efficient in stopping migraine. “It is recommended to maintain a migraine diary to understand the correlation between triggers and onsets to improve the treatment,” the physician concludes.

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