Amazon to hire 100000 workers as online order surges due to coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus: Increased demand for online shopping, Amazon withdraws 100,000 new recruits, will spend thousands of crores of rupees

Increased demand on Amazon due to coronavirus. (File photo)

Special things

  • Demand for online shopping increased due to fear of coronavirus
  • 1 lakh recruits fired after increased demand on Amazon
  • Amazon is taking advice of health experts for its employees

new Delhi:

The effect of Coronavirus is being seen in many countries around the world. Because of this people in most countries have locked themselves in their homes. Due to fear of Corona virus, people are now becoming more dependent on online shopping and due to this the demand for products on Amazon (Amazon) has increased significantly. In view of the increasing demand of people on the online shopping platform Amazon, Amazon has removed 1 lakh full and part time recruitments in the United States.

Cnn business According to a report, these recruitments have been removed in Amazon’s delivery network and fulfillment centers so that those who are ordering goods from Amazon due to Corona virus, get their delivery on time. Earlier on Saturday, the company had said that it may take longer than normal for people to get delivery for some time because many people are ordering goods on Amazon.

Let me tell you here that till Monday, 4 thousand cases of corona virus have been reported. Not only this, due to increasing demand, many items of famous brands are out of stock on Amazon. These include branded toilet paper and disinfectant wipes.

The company said it currently pays $ 15 (Rs 1108) per hour in the United States, but the company is going to spend $ 350 million (about Rs 2,592 crore) to pay more on an hourly basis to new recruits. .

Not only this, the company is also taking information about necessary precautions from medical and health experts so that during work, people can maintain social distancing at the workplace and can also take care of their health.

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