Apple could reportedly announce Mac shift to its own ARM-based chips this month

For years now analysts and unconfirmed reports have suggested that Apple was working away from changing its line of Mac computers Intel -Bed chips, and their own, ARM-based processors. now, Bloomberg Report The company may make those plans officially by the end of this month, which is likely to be announced the week of June 22 for its Remote Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

Apple has historically made several announcements at WWDC, including providing further information about its software roadmap, such as upcoming versions of macOS and iOS, such as preparing its software for general public availability of updates to developers To help. WWDC has also provided a venue for many Mac hardware announcements over the years, including new MacBooks and iMacs.

Bloomberg says this potential disclosure of its plan to transition to an ARM-based Mac would be an advance notice, though – it would not include disclosure of any readily available hardware, but as an advance notice to developers to give them time Will work in Get your software ready for ARM-based Macs to be released in 2021. The report warns that the timing of the announcement may change, however, given that there are no plans to actually introduce any ARM-based Mac hardware for at least several months.

This is not the first major processor architecture switch that went through Apple’s Mac lineup; The company moved from PowerPC-based CPUs to Intel in 2006. The switch was originally announced that year at Apple’s WWDC event in 2005 – giving developers half-a-year advance notice to prepare themselves for the transition.

Bloomberg reported in April that Apple was planning to start selling ARM-based Macs by next year, and was developing three different in-house Mac processors based on architecture to power those machines. Apple has built its own ARM-based processor to power iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPad, for several generations, and its expertise means that those chips are now a lot more efficient and powerful than Intel chips. Its MAC line.

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