Are Private Jets More Efficient Than the Airlines?

 Traveling by private jet is something that probably everyone has dreamt of. No one will contest the fact that when you opt for private jets, you get access to unlimited comfort and luxury. But if we directly compare private jets and commercial airlines, which of them is more efficient? Read on to find out more about them. If you are interested in knowing more about the average cost to charter a private plane, it depends on several factors, but in the end, the cost is worth all the benefits you get.

Private Jets are Safer

 In today’s world, if you are more concerned about your safety and you don’t want exposure to hundreds of other people who will be flying with you, then private jets are the solution to your problem. Consider a passenger who has chosen a commercial plane – they will come across 700 touch points on average, whereas a person on a private jet will only go through 20. Moreover, private jets have separate private terminals where you can lounge around in your privacy and steer clear of the hustle and bustle that are common in commercial terminals.

Private Jets Offer More Value

There are several advantages of private jets, among which the value factor is a major one. You already know that private jets are safer, but did you know they have also become more affordable than before? Yes, private jet travel costs have come down by as much as 30-50%, which has brought them closer to the range of business class or first class tickets offered by commercial airlines. In fact, if you have already accumulated more than 150 flight hours in the span of a year and you also prefer traveling in a group, then you should definitely check out private jets. This is because you will get access to better deals and end up saving money compared to traveling in premium cabins.

Here’s an example to give you a better idea – according to a study performed by Avinode, a Swedish b2b tech company in the aviation sector, if you charter a mid-size private jet and then fly from New York to Miami, it would have cost you around $20,000 in the past. But now, this price has come down to $10,000. Considering that a mid-size private jet can easily hold ten passengers, and if you are traveling in a group of 10, the price comes down to $1,000 for each passenger.

Private Jets Save You a Lot of Time

if you are flying domestically in a commercial airline, you will be spending roughly 90 minutes at the airport, whereas in the case of an international flight, you can spend as much as 3 hours too. And these figures are only for a one-way trip! On the contrary, in the case of private jets, there are no queues that you have to be a part of, and thus, reaching only 15 minutes prior to the departure time is sufficient for you to board the flight. And in that span, you can complete all the procedures, including customs, immigration, and so on.

Thus, if you are an extremely busy person where you cannot afford to spend hours at the airport, private jets are here at your rescue. This is even more applicable to those business moguls whose time is more valuable than money. As an added factor, when you travel via private jets, you can also set your own time schedules instead of adjusting to commercial flight times. Private jets can even be arranged within a span of a few hours, and thus, even if you have to fly at the very last minute, you will have an aircraft ready for you. Hence, private jets are superior to commercial airlines as far as time is concerned.

Private Jets Are Very Comfortable

 Housing the best amenities aboard, private jets can offer you all the comfort you need. Even if you compare private jets to first-class airline seats, you will see that private jets are better in terms of the luxury they offer. With plush leather seats to spacious cabins and even en-suite showers, private jets can offer you an extremely relaxing journey to your destination. You will even get access to personalized service from the cabin crew. You can even bring your pets along if you want because you are getting the entire cabin to yourself. Moreover, you have the option to bring in more luggage if you want to.


 Thus, as you probably must have understood by now, private jets have a lot to offer you. They not only save you time, but due to the nature of privacy you get, you can even continue with confidential conversations with your business partners without risking it being overheard by someone else. So, the next time you want to travel somewhere but without standing in long queues or in sub-standard cabins, choose private jets, and you can rest assured that all your needs will be taken care of.

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