My Dad’s Reaction To Funky GenZ Beard Trends Are Absolute Gold

One of essentially the most iconic moments in a father-son relationship is the “first shave”. Sharing the identical mirror with dad, studying learn how to maneuver the razor and making an attempt your degree greatest to get the “papa waali moochh”–  each man relishes these heat recollections.


But there’s a twist. While our dads stood for crew-cut hair and clear shaven faces that exhibit a chiseled jawline – GenZ had different plans. We like horseshoe moustaches, lumberjack beards and funky goatees – however does dad approve?

This Father’s Day, I requested papa to touch upon GenZ’s favorite beard kinds – and his reactions had been absolute gold!

Number 1 – The Lumberjack Beard


“It looks creative but I’m unable to see that man’s face – it’s covered in beard! And how does he deal with it in the summer heat? Oh and, is that beard allowed at work?”

Number 2 – Klingon Beard


Now that’s something I’d like to see on my face too! Slightly high maintenance – but definitely worth trying…. *thinks if he should grow his beard*…Okay, show me Gen Z’s next favourite beard style”

Number 3 – Pilot Moustache 


“This takes me back to our days – a classic moustache, clean shaven face & style max. Now that’s more like my style. Why do today’s youngsters want to grow a garden on their face?”

Number 4 – Brad Pitt Goatee   


“Okay, I’ll give this one a 9/10! So pleasant to look at. It’s a subtle beard with classy cuts…and very well trimmed. Your generation is not all funky, eh? Nice!”

While this train with dad was heartwarming, celebs too have determined to hit the reminiscence lane on Father’s Day this year.

Check-out Manjul Khatter’s emotional ode to his pilot dad on Father’s Day! It’ll remind you your whole first shaving expertise with dad.

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