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How to Become More Focused: the Path to Personal Management

The problems with self-management are more widespread than you can imagine. Thousands of people worldwide have difficulties with managing their time and resources. There’s no point in denying the fact that the COVID pandemic made people start working from home fostered more problems with attention management among students and remote workers. Of course, those who’ve worked from home long before the start of the pandemic hardly have any problems with focusing their attention. But as we see, the vast majority of people just don’t know how to become productive again.

What is self-management? It’s a broad concept, encompassing a set of skills and abilities people use to control themselves: emotions, actions, feelings, and thoughts. Obtaining self-management skills is an obligatory requirement for each person who wants to stay productive regardless of external factors. The lucky ones don’t need to work on these skills due to parents’ efforts in childhood. Since you’re reading this, we guess we deal with the person who doesn’t know how to organize himself, identify the strategy that helps you progress without getting stressed too much.

Check the information below to find out the ways to become more focused. Don’t just read but use them, and you’ll notice that you can finish writing the thesis long before the deadline and work on big work projects gradually.

  1. Set goals

It’s difficult to do work when you don’t know why you do it. Moreover, personal management is impossible without this aspect, so goal-setting should become your habit. Define why you do this or that task at the very beginning, and no matter what you do: write an essay or a business letter, meet with colleagues or partners, go to the gym or even meet your friends. Remember that your goals should be realistic. We understand that there’s a trend for productivity and being hardworking, but people completely forget about themselves and their health. Evaluate the scope of work you can do in a day and set a goal you can accomplish.

  1. Forget about multitasking

It’s another trend in modern society. People look at influencers and successful people who teach us to be highly effective and productive. Besides that, these people show how they live and how they manage to do several tasks at the same time. You’re a person having problems with focusing your attention on one task. How do you plan to master multitasking? Forget about the fact that it’s impossible to be productive and make progress in everything without multitasking. It’s a lie. You won’t do it efficiently, that’s why you’d better do your tasks gradually.

  1. Drink coffee

The reasons for problems with concentration are various, but there’s one thing that can help people become more attentive and focused. Yes, it’s coffee. Well, those people who can’t drink it due to health problems should look for an alternative with a similar effect. But all others may help themselves become more concentrated. You may think that this piece of advice doesn’t look like other tips we mentioned, but there’s no point in ignoring effective aid. Please, don’t overdo the dosage. For coffee, we don’t advise you to drink more than 2 cups a day to avoid side effects.

  1. Set priorities for tasks

If you have a lot of work to do and can’t decide what task should be done first. There are many techniques aiming to help people prioritize urgent, important, and ordinary tasks (The Eisenhower Matrix). It’s possible to categorize the tasks you have to do even without any technique. List everything you should do, assess the scope of work, and the deadlines. Do the most urgent and the most complicated tasks first.  Non-urgent duties and tasks shouldn’t take too much time. If you notice that you spend most of your day doing something you don’t need now, you’re on the wrong path.

  1. Cope with stress

Facing stress in the workplace is okay — 90% of all employees will agree with that. This mental state is rather harmful, especially when people are exposed to it for a long time. It’s impossible to focus when your mind is full of various thoughts and worries. Moreover, you won’t be able to work productively when you’re stressed. There are many stress-managing techniques on the Internet: find the suitable one, test, and assess its effectiveness. If you see no result, consult a psychologist.

  1. Sleep enough

Are you aware of the importance of sleep for overall health? If yes, you should know that your ability to focus on something largely depends on your rest. People who don’t consider it important and necessary to sleep at least 8 hours a day will start having difficulties concentrating and being productive very soon. Moreover, it’s a direct way to exhaust your body and mental health. You should have a sleep schedule and stick to it every day, and staying focused will no longer be your problem.

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