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Lose Weight Without Exercise And Without Dietary Restrictions: Conscious Eating Is The Key

The best way to lose weight is to go long term. Just develop some eating habits that become a way of life for you and watch your fat melt away.

Weight loss is never easy. You must follow strenuous exercise regimes and undergo severe diet restrictions if you want to lose weight. Most of the time, you also regain lost weight once you leave your weight loss program. This can be frustrating and leave you feeling disappointed. Also, some of the fad diets that promise quick weight loss can also be bad for your health. Most of the time, these diets leave you feeling deprived due to the many food restrictions you must follow. Similarly, too much exercise can also carry the risk of injury, and given the lack of time in modern life, you can leave such routines halfway there. You will never lose weight this way.

Then what do you do? The best way to lose weight is to go long term. Just develop some eating habits that become a way of life for you and watch your fat melt away.

Lose Weight Without Exercise And Without Dietary Restrictions

Add protein to your diet

You must make protein an important part of your diet if you want to lose weight fast. It can keep you full for a longer period of time and reduce hunger pangs. It has a powerful effect on the hunger hormone ghrelin. This prevents you from overeating and losing weight because of this. Add plenty of protein-rich foods like chicken breasts, fish, lentils, and quinoa to your diet.

Say yes to high-fiber foods

Fiber-rich foods, especially those that contain viscous fiber, are ideal for rapid weight loss. Viscous fiber turns into a gel-like substance when it comes into contact with water. This gel increases the absorption time of nutrients and slows down the digestion of the food you have eaten. You tend to feel full and therefore refrain from overeating. To get the benefits of this fiber, add more beans, oats, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, and oranges to your diet.

Drink enough water

You can exercise and diet as much as you want, but if you don’t have enough water, you won’t see results soon. Dehydration increases water retention in your body and this can make you look bloated and puffy. Also, drinking a glass of water before each meal will make you eat less. This will also help you lose weight. Another way that water helps you lose weight is by removing toxins from your body. Therefore, be sure to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day if you are serious about losing weight.

Chew each bite slowly and completely

Try not to rush through your meals. Take your time to chew your food well. This will aid in digestion and will also give your brain enough time to process when you have eaten enough. Also, this will make you eat slowly and you will know when to stop. You will notice that your food intake decreases significantly when you eat slowly as you take the time to chew your food. Experts have also pointed out that those who eat fast are more likely to be obese. One way to get into this habit may be to count the number of times you chew.

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