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Top 4 Questions About Erectile Dysfunction Most Men Are Shy To Ask

Despite rising consciousness, I discover that many individuals, notably in India, are nonetheless unclear about what erectile dysfunction is, what may trigger it, whether or not it’s a short-term downside or an indication of one thing extra critical and at last find out how to get the assistance they want. So right here I want to answer some widespread questions associated to erectile dysfunction.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

When a person is persistently unable to get and/or maintain an erection lengthy sufficient for passable sexual efficiency, medical doctors name the situation erectile dysfunction. Although it’s true that ‘failure to carry out’ might be for numerous straightforward to clarify causes, frequent incapacity to get or maintain erections factors to an underlying downside. If it is a persistent downside, seek the advice of a specialist who will decide if in case you have ED and talk about subsequent steps with you.

Which Doctor Do I Consult?

Reach out to a males’s well being specialist reminiscent of an andrologist or urologist, who will make a preliminary prognosis of your situation. Depending on the foundation reason behind the issue, the physician could then ask you to seek the advice of with different specialists, reminiscent of an endocrinologist, who focuses on treating hormone-related problems.

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How Is Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosed?

The first step to diagnosing ED is to evaluate the frequency of the issue and consider the affected person’s sexual, medical and psychosocial historical past. This is adopted by a bodily examination targeted on the genitourinary, vascular and neurologic techniques to assist establish the foundation reason behind the issue, which may embody coronary heart illness, diabetes, abnormalities of the penis (reminiscent of Peyronie plaques), stress or lack of emotional attachment/intimacy between companions.

Is Erectile Dysfunction Treatable?

Erectile dysfunction is usually handled in a number of methods, relying on the causes recognized, the affected person’s age and his medical historical past. Many sufferers get well from ED with out present process any remedy – they’re merely helped to beat the underlying set off or downside (reminiscent of stress or nervousness to carry out) by a counsellor or psycho therapist. Patients who want medical intervention could possibly be prescribed oral or injectable medicines. If these don’t produce outcomes, surgical units and penile implants are provided as a very good choice to completely deal with ED.

If you end up coping with erectile dysfunction, it can be crucial that you just seek the advice of a educated medical skilled on the earliest. I urge you to not resort to unproven different therapies, non secular rituals or seek the advice of with quacks to deal with your situation. Remember that with the precise steerage and medical assist, erectile dysfunction is totally treatable. The solely impediment to ED remedy will not be asking for it.


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The creator is a marketing consultant andrologist and males’s well being specialist, Manipal Fertility, Bengaluru.

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