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What’s New In Yoga?

Yoga is as Indian as India can get. Numerous us might lastly be realising how useful it’s, however the follow of yoga began practically 2,500 to five,000 years in the past. With westernisation, the Vedic life lost most of its relevance, however the follow of yoga did not lose its enchantment. In reality, the West has discovered the yogic way of life so spirituality satisfying, that many yogis travelled the globe, and commenced creating totally different types of the follow to go well with them.

From a peaceable and indifferent non secular exercise, the health regime has developed right into a billion-dollar trade, with yogis and yoga influencers having fun with a celeb standing. Shammi Gupta, a yoga practitioner, mentor, therapist and naturopath says, “Yoga influencers have the bandwidth to reach a much wider range of young followers than a traditional yoga guru. These influencers have been able to convince the evasive younger generation to partake in this practice. Consequently, yoga, in its applied form, has been able to play a significant role in dealing with psychosomatic problems that have become common today.”

The final hundred years introduced drastic adjustments within the patterns of yoga, due to globalisation. In order to adapt to the western way of life, it turned extra about actions and bodily postures. Western influencers and yogis have added their very own contact to the act. According to Gupta and Dr. Taruna Mehendiratta, an Ayurvedic physician, listed here are the latest yoga traits which are common worldwide.


Thanks to the hashtag #NYGyoga trending on Instagram, we learnt a few new type of yoga. Nude Yoga is believed to be began by a social media person referred to as Nude Yoga Girl. The motion has led to social media customers posting pictures of themselves, making an attempt out the brand new development.


Dog Yoga or Doga is practised by the pet guardian and the pet. The canines benefit from the stretching and pet massages, even when they’ll’t truly do yoga. Doga is an incredible strategy to bond along with your pet, particularly if you follow collectively, the place you and your pup are companions.


As the title suggests, aqua yoga is a kind of yoga through which the asanas are carried out in water. It adapts the postures and rules of yoga, to an aquatic setting. It is alleged to be much more stress-free and soothing, due to how the physique feels in water.


Snake yoga is the newest weird fad that was began by self-confessed ‘mad snake lady’, Kwali Kumara. She makes use of tamed snakes in her yoga courses and workshops, with the intention to assist folks face their fears, and deepen connection to the non secular and pure world.


A brand new approach of training yoga by combining mild and color remedy strategies. Developed by Nina Ryner, it’s a vary of multi-sensory experiences which, approaches yoga and wellness in a brand new and thrilling approach.

When requested about western yoga traits making any dierence in health, Gupta, says, “I, who essentially am a purist, would love to disavow the modern and western yoga trends. But I have to appreciate and acknowledge that these flexible and non-restrictive trends have made yoga more accessible to everyone. It no longer is an elusive concept or an exclusive one. An added advantage is the birth of a new market, with a very high demand, for yoga props and ensembles. My opinion is that these trends are unsustainable. People propagate these only for its ‘fun’ element. The initial demand for the such concepts tapers o very quickly as the practitioners realise its uselessness. Further, I believe, these trends/ fads have nothing much to do with yogic ideology, which has sustained for centuries.”

Gayatri Iyer from SARVA says, “While yoga has always been a part and parcel of Indian practice and tradition, I feel western yoga trends have only catapulted it further, in terms of awareness and adoption. The fact that it can be combined with other workouts augurs well for millennials, since they are always looking out for something new and experimental. Global influencers like JLo practice this holistic workout, and have emerged as role models for millennials.”


Dr. Mehendiratta provides a lowdown on asanas that didn’t originate in India

Super Soldier Pose

Tried largely by western yoga influencers, this pose asks you to stability on one foot, whereas hanging the other way up, and grabbing the opposite foot above your butt.

Ninja Pose

Ninja pose is a sophisticated yogasana that requires a level of energy and adaptability, together with a whole lot of stability. The pose is a wonderful train for individuals who have a sedentary way of life, in addition to for runners and athletes.

 Humble Warrior Pose

The humble warrior pose stretches varied muscle tissue, just like the again muscle tissue that assist the backbone, the chest, and the stomach. The pose helps with stability.

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