At 15 – Rs 50 As A Day Laborer, Famous Dj At 22, At 35 – Turnover Of 15 Cr As An Entrepreneur

People have their interpretation of difficult times, for most people: difficult times are just another excuse for their incompetence, for some exceptional people, difficult episodes in life are the reasons to succeed. The ability to renew the way of life and absorb new skills is the key to a successful life. The Devil Truss’ Arvind story is one of such transformation.

Arvind was born in Rohtak, Haryana. His father was a small-scale civil contractor. Already struggling to survive, his father’s loss of business further degraded his family’s fate. They sold their house and moved into a single room house where Arvind lived with two brothers and parents, a family of five. At a young age, Arvind had his work done for him. The narrow strait of the family required him to earn a living.

In 2001, at the age of sixteen, during education, Arvind began working as a day laborer. His daily income of Rs 50 per day helped him meet his personal financial needs and sometimes support the family. Life was difficult, but Arvind was always content with what he had, but was occasionally frustrated by the condition of his family. An intense desire to change his family’s destiny was developing within Arvind: he experimented with jobs, most of them servile.

At the age of twenty, Arvind had developed a certain interest in music and had become friends with some local musicians. After the hard work of the day, he would join his friends and go to DJ parties. DJing was a new trend in Rohtak in those days, people hired DJs for a high price for their events. The profession of DJing was seen by Arvind as lucrative: His interest in music instilled the necessary passion equally. The frequency of his visits to DJ parties increased, and he soon mastered the art of DJing. For almost a decade, Arvind continued to be one of the most popular DJs in and around Rohtak. He earned money and reputation in equal amounts.

Palm Expo 2019

Despite being wealthy as a DJ, Arvind was also interested in learning about new areas of business. In 2013, Arvind had a rare leak in a structure collapse at a Ramleela event in Delhi. The accident alerted him to the need to use better aluminum armor (frame) in such events. Arvind knew many people in the event management industry. He soon encountered an aluminum truss dealer in Delhi.

Arvind began investigating aluminum trusses and spent almost 10 lac rupees on the initial investigation. After a better understanding of business, he took a commercial loan and set up a small manufacturing plant to create aluminum armor. His first truss was ready after 9 months and he called the same merchant in Delhi who had initially mocked his idea. The merchant advised him to display his truss at an exhibition in Delhi. Arvind transported his truss to Delhi and displayed it at the exhibition. His hard work was about to move forward, Arvind got a good response and appreciation for his product. Since then, the Arvind company, Devil Truss, has been manufacturing and supplying for small to large events. It has had a clientele of many prominent and famous personalities in India and numerous event management companies. From politicians to corporations, and from artists to philosophers: Arvind’s armor is strengthening many events. In 2019 Devil’s Truss received an award for Best Truss Company in India in Mumbai.

Arvind has the same positive attitude even in the tough times around COVID-19. His company has not reduced any company or fired any of its employees during the COVID-19 crisis. Arvind feels that the situation will improve soon and that huge work will flow, especially the work accumulated during the shutdown.

Arvind lives life with a two Ps formula: persistence and perseverance. He feels that no matter how unrealistic his dreams are, persistence and perseverance in the right direction will bring him closer to his goals and allow him to achieve them. Arvind’s story is the paradigm of how one can beat all odds with constant personal improvement.

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