How Did A Concerned Mother Become A Businesswoman Worth Rs 1,674 Crore?

Jessica Iclisoy founded California Baby in 1995 in hopes of creating a non-toxic environment for her family. Using locally sourced ingredients, Iclisoy created the formulas for what became the leading standard in natural skin care. She has made the company a globally recognized brand, with more than 90 products available in 10,000 stores across the country.

If you start making a list of things that humans use that cause us some kind of damage, you will run out of ink. Cosmetic products have been around for decades, but we still struggle with their side effects. Awareness of unwanted effects is now growing and people are looking for products that are more in tune with nature.

An alarmed mom

When Jessica Iclisoy was pregnant, she wanted to be ready for her baby and was looking at some popular baby products. She accidentally read the label of a baby product and, as a layman, could not understand its ingredients. Out of curiosity, she brought a chemical dictionary from the library and began researching the ingredients that were used in baby products.

She was surprised to see that each and every baby product available on the market could put your baby’s health at risk. In addition, manufacturers also add synthetic fragrances to intensify the product’s odor. These additional chemicals can easily affect a child’s hair, skin, and health. She was surprised how so many mothers in the world endured this in silence.

Being the change

At that very moment, Jessica Iclisoy decided to stop using those products and started thinking about building a better substitute, not just for herself but for all the other concerned parents. She wanted to create a product that was free of harmful chemicals. After much research, she started making organic shampoo at home and was successful after several attempts. Jessica Iclisoy started telling people about her product and the response was always positive.

Jessica Iclisoy

By now Jessica had realized that the need of the hour was to launch her products on a larger scale, and not just her neighbors and friends. She knew that tens of thousands of parents were looking for good quality organic products for their children. She then started going to merchants to tell them about her product. This was a slow process and required a lot of hard work.

Hard work and money problems

In 1995, his hard work began to pay off. To take his products to a higher level and reach more people, he decided to start his own company. However, she did not have sufficient funds to shape her idea. She approached her mother but was not convinced that her daughter’s idea could fly. After several attempts, her mother gave her $ 2,000 to start her California Baby firm.

Without looking back

Jessica entered the market with just one product, a chemical-free baby shampoo. Since then, there has been no going back for her. Today, her company manufactures around 100 different organic products that are sold in more than 10,000 stores in the United States, including large stores such as Walmart, Target, Whole Foods, etc.

It took Jessica Iclisoy five long years to return the money to her mother. But now the numbers speak for themselves. Her company recorded an income of $ 80 million in 2016. Jessica owns 100 percent of the company and is worth Rs 1,674 crore ($ 260 million)!

Jessica’s fifty-one-year story from borrowing $ 2,000 to becoming one of the richest women who made themselves is not just a story of achievement, but also an example of vision and hard work. If you look closely, you will find many opportunities in life.

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