5 Common myths about protein you need to stop believing

Protein is an important nutrient for good well being and well-being, however there are numerous misconceptions floating round that you should stop believing in instantly!

Protein is among the most crucial macronutrients — it’s made up of amino acids, which is why additionally it is referred to as the physique’s constructing blocks. It helps to preserve and build muscle mass, and is discovered all through the physique in muscle, bone, pores and skin, hair, and different physique elements.

Consuming protein is important, as a result of it helps to restore cells and create new ones. It has an array of advantages starting from serving to with weight reduction, decreasing urge for food, enhancing bone well being, decreasing blood stress, and a lot extra. Yet, there are a number of misconceptions round protein that stop folks from consuming this important nutrient.

That’s why we’re right here to debunk some common myths round protein. Are you prepared?

1. More protein equals extra muscle

As we all know, protein incorporates amino acids that your physique wants to perform numerous features. Amino acids assist to restore muscle, and are important for its development and upkeep. There’s a fantasy that the extra protein you eat, the extra muscle you are going to build. That’s not true in any respect! For muscle acquire, you need to train, particularly energy coaching, as a result of protein alone isn’t going to assist you.

2. You need to restrict your protein consumption to drop some weight

Most people who find themselves making an attempt to drop some weight imagine that slicing down protein is an effective way to shed these additional kilos. On the opposite, limiting your protein consumption or having inadequate protein will make it tougher for you to burn extra fats. In reality, it will probably lead to different points like fatigue, weak spot, a weakened immune system, and so many extra issues. Protein helps you really feel satiated for lengthy, and due to this fact, helps to curb your cravings and increase metabolism.

3. A plant-based food plan doesn’t present ample protein

If you additionally imagine that vegans can’t get sufficient protein, you are extremely mistaken. It is alleged {that a} ‘complete protein‘ contains all nine essential amino acids, which are present in beef, fish, and eggs. We know vegans are unable to get it, but that’s not an enormous deal! Foods like lentils, legumes, rice, beans, tofu, and soy merchandise are wonderful sources of vegan protein, which make up for a ‘complete protein diet’.

Don’t fall for these myths. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
4. Protein powder is the answer to all of your protein wants

Speaking of protein shakes, there’s a excessive likelihood you could love them, particularly if you’re a gymnasium individual. Protein powder is straightforward to take up by the physique, and a handy supply of protein, due to this fact many people desire it. But believing that it will probably substitute full protein sources is a fantasy. It’s essential to embody each animal and plant protein sources in your food plan, in order that your physique can obtain all macro and micronutrients.

5. Excess protein can lead to kidney harm

Consuming an excessive amount of protein is usually related to kidney illnesses. But that holds true, provided that you have underlying kidney issues. If you’re a wholesome individual, you’ll have the ability to digest the surplus protein consumption with out damaging your kidneys. But bear in mind to enhance the amount slowly, so your physique can regulate with time.

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