9 Portion Size Mistakes That You Can Avoid

Do you suppose you might be doing a superb job of sticking to your nutritious diet? You could be. But chances are high good that you’re consuming an excessive amount of of sure meals. Almost everybody makes portion dimension errors, particularly when they’re attempting to shed weight. These are the meals that almost all of us overeat.

Portion Size Mistakes

Scan this checklist of generally eaten meals. It’s possible that you’re overindulging in at the least considered one of them. Remember, even wholesome meals can derail your food regimen in case you eat an excessive amount of of them.


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When is the final time you measured your cereal earlier than pouring it right into a bowl? Have you ever checked the Nutrition Facts label to find out the right serving dimension?

For some cereals, one cup is the beneficial serving dimension. But the American Diabetes Association lists 3/4 cup as a recommended serving. If you pour your cereal straight into the bowl, chances are high good you might be consuming as much as two servings. And in case you refill the bowl (as most of us do) you could be consuming 3-4 servings.

Quick Fix: Learn to make a more healthy breakfast.

Chicken Breast


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Lean protein is wholesome, proper? Not in case you eat an excessive amount of of it. If you might be consuming an entire rooster breast for dinner, you could be consuming an excessive amount of.

The beneficial single portion of rooster is 3-4 ounces, concerning the dimension of a deck of taking part in playing cards. Some individuals use the palm of their hand as a information. Depending on the seller, some rooster breasts are twice and even 3 times the scale of a beneficial serving. The energy in rooster breast can add up and wreck your food regimen.

Quick Fix: Learn to eat the correct amount of protein.


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If you might be counting your hamburger patty as one serving of beef, you might be most likely underestimating the energy you’ve got consumed.

1 / 4-pound burger (4 ounces) is barely bigger than the beneficial serving dimension of three ounces. But many burgers, particularly these served at eating places, are 1/3 to 1/2 pound. You could be consuming twice as many energy as you suppose you might be.

Quick Fix: Make higher protein decisions.

Coffee Creamer

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Your morning cup of java could be probably the most fattening—and unhealthy—factor you devour all day in case you add flavored creamer. And you are not off the hook in case you use the fat-free selection since these usually have added sugars to compensate for style. A single serving of liquid creamer is one tablespoon. Do you pull out the measuring spoons while you add cream to your espresso? Probably not.

If you might be consuming greater than the beneficial serving (bear in mind to depend every cup of espresso!) then the added sugar in your fat-free creamer begins so as to add up shortly.

Quick Fix: Learn to make low-calorie espresso drinks at dwelling.

Cooking Spray

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You may skip the oil or butter while you cook dinner wholesome meals at dwelling. This is sweet! But you could be neglecting to account for the energy in your cooking spray. If you utilize PAM to keep away from including energy to your meals you may need to know {that a} single serving of the spray is 1/4 of 1 second. Do you retain a stopwatch in your kitchen? Most of us do not.

The Center for Science within the Public Interest evaluated the spray and reported {that a} extra typical six-second spray would have 50 energy and 6 grams of fats.

Quick Fix: Use wholesome strategies to chop fats while you cook dinner.


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If you pack your self a wholesome lunch of a lean meat and vegetable sandwich on whole-grain bread, congratulations! You are most likely saving your self from the belly-busting caloriefest that you simply’d expertise in case you went to a restaurant. But did you precisely document the energy in your complete grain bread? If you suppose your sandwich equals one serving, suppose once more. For many bread merchandise, a single serving is just one slice of bread. Perhaps think about a bread swap.

Quick Fix: Learn the way to lower energy when making sandwiches.


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A wholesome serving of contemporary fruit is a good different to a high-fat dessert. But in case you are counting your energy or watching your sugar consumption it is advisable to monitor how a lot you might be consuming. Take grapes for instance. If you sit down with a bowl of grapes, you may add one serving of grapes to your meals diary. Wrong!

A single (cup) serving of grapes is barely 16 grapes. Get out your calculator earlier than you begin chomping.

Quick Fix: Reduce your sugar consumption.


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Sugary drinks are one of many best issues to overconsume. We typically put them subsequent to us and mindlessly sip away. But the energy in soda add up, even in case you solely drink one a day! And for a lot of causes, food regimen soda isn’t a superb different.

A serving dimension of Coke is 12 ounces. But most of us drink loads greater than that once we refill on the soda fountain. A 7-11 Double Gulp accommodates 50 ounces and 575 energy.

Quick Fix: Learn to make flavored water to scale back snack cravings.

Salad Dressing

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A wholesome salad is a good different to a excessive starch, high-fat meal. But the salad dressing can add energy that might make any prudent calorie counter blush. By some estimates, many restaurant salads comprise over 500 energy, most frequently because of the fatty dressing.

A serving dimension of salad dressing is simply two tablespoons. If you order your dressing on the aspect, your waiter will most likely carry you rather more than that and in case you’re like many restaurant diners, you pour all of it in your salad.

Quick Fix: Make a salad that is good to your food regimen

Nutrition Facts vs. Portion Size

No matter what sort of meals you might be consuming, portion dimension issues. Even in case you are consuming “healthy” meals, you ought to be conscious of the quantity that you simply devour. But you could not have the ability to use the Nutrition Facts label as a information. This is a standard blunder made by many.

The serving dimension listed on the label is not the beneficial portion dimension. It is solely the quantity that most individuals devour once they sit all the way down to eat that specific meals. It may also be the quantity of meals listed in your automated meals log or food regimen app.

The finest strategy to handle portion management is to measure your meals with cheap kitchen instruments like a measuring cup, measuring spoons, or (my favourite) a digital scale. You may also measure meals and not using a scale, however calibrated instruments are extra correct. Then maintain a fast quide to the right portion sizes for weight reduction posted close by as a reference.

Then, document the meals precisely with a calorie counting app. Most of the apps and web sites permit you to customise your portion while you add every meals. You could also be shocked how simply measuring your meals makes a giant distinction in your meals consumption and doubtless in the best way your garments match.

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