Ugly Side Effects of Drinking Too Much Coffee, According to Science

Let’s simply get down to it. How a lot espresso is taken into account an excessive amount of espresso? Surprisingly, you may drink so much of espresso in the course of the week. It’s really advisable that individuals stick to not more than 28 cups of espresso per week, which is about 4 cups of espresso a day. However, ingesting extra of that may trigger destructive results on one’s well being—notably their lifespan. One study evaluating 40,000 adults discovered that ingesting greater than the typical 4 cups of espresso a day did trigger ugly unintended effects on their our bodies.

For some, 4 cups of espresso might sound like so much. But when you’re one to devour greater than 32 ounces of espresso a day or love to down sugary lattes out of your native espresso chain, it might be smart to consider these ugly unintended effects you are ingesting an excessive amount of espresso. Because whereas having a bit of caffeine could cause a decrease threat of loss of life in accordance to the AARP, ingesting an excessive amount of of it may create destructive unintended effects to one’s well being.

Here are the ugly unintended effects to count on when you’re ingesting an excessive amount of espresso, in accordance to analysis. And for extra wholesome ideas, ensure to try our record of The 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat Right Now.


A typical eight-ounce cup of espresso has 95 milligrams of caffeine in it. So when you had been to drink over 4 cups of espresso, you’d hit round 500 milligrams of caffeine in a day. One examine by the Journal of Psychopharmacology studies that being a excessive client of caffeine on this kind of stage could cause excessive ranges of stress, nervousness, and even melancholy. The examine says that consuming greater than 1,000 milligrams of caffeine per week even confirmed to be a predictor of excessive nervousness.

While nervousness and stress are good issues to consult with a medical skilled—particularly in phrases of your psychological well being—it is also vital to consider your caffeine consumption with that skilled and talk about higher caffeine habits transferring ahead.

Here are the Side Effects of Drinking Caffeine, According to Science.


Regularly consuming espresso could cause points along with your regular sleep patterns, particularly when you’re having fun with a pick-me-up cup within the afternoon. One study evaluated 197 highschool college students, a blended quantity of customers with average caffeine consumption reported early morning awakening and daytime sleepiness in contrast to a gaggle that drank decrease quantities of caffeine. While there are so much of well being advantages to ingesting espresso on the common, maintaining your day by day espresso consumption to a minimal—and within the morning—can assist along with your sleep patterns at night time.

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Although one controlled study confirmed that ingesting 100 milligrams of caffeine between each hour to 5 hours didn’t trigger elevated coronary heart charges, drinking a significant amount can lead to an altered heartbeat rhythm. But it might take a major quantity of caffeine consumption to accomplish that.


Ever expertise the shakes after too many cups of espresso? This can really be outlined as a caffeine overdose, which Healthline states could cause complications, jitters, problem sleeping, and as we already talked about, an elevated coronary heart rate. If you are experiencing any of these extreme ugly unintended effects you are ingesting an excessive amount of espresso, you need to search medical consideration.


It’s pure to flip to espresso—or different types of caffeine—once you’re feeling drained. But do you know consuming too a lot caffeine can even have a destructive impact? Especially if it contains added sugars. In a examine revealed by Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience, the place members got sure quantities of caffeinated drinks for power, ingesting caffeinated drinks—particularly with sugar—regularly did trigger psychological fatigue for members. While that is widespread for caffeine to trigger decreased power ranges because it wears off, it is best to time it for once you plan on sleeping—as an alternative of turning to extra espresso to maintain you awake. Because disrupted sleep later will trigger much more fatigue all through the day, making a vicious cycle.

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