Positions To Make You Feel Closer To Your Partner

Oscar Wilde as soon as mentioned, “all the pieces on this world is about intercourse, besides intercourse. Sex is about energy”.

While his raunchy way of describing power dynamics did, in fact, make sense, what he seemed to have missed to point out was that there was so much to sex than just ‘power’. Forging an emotional and spiritual connection with your partner, for starters.

Now that we have covered ground on how to make your woman cum in bed instead of just coming to bed, it’s time to move on to bigger and better things.

You see, while wild and quick sex is all fun and games and has its own charm that lasts for all about 7 minutes, sex has been described as much more wholesome and fulfilling if done with the intention of connecting more than just physically.

The kind that tickles you into remembering why you were together, in the first place.

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Think of it as the important thing to unlocking numerous doorways in a relationship. Just a few would possibly open to some scorching and soiled nastiness on the kitchen counter, and others to a plethora of the way on the right way to heighten that feeling of togetherness in mattress.

And I’m right here to speak about just some of these methods that can assist you really feel and cum nearer to your associate, just by attempting on a couple of positions which can be sure to hit the suitable spots for that added intimacy:

1. ‘Spoonful’ Of Love

Positions To Try To Feel Closer To Your Partner
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In knowledgeable opinion, or as generally known as the opinion of girls, spooning is without doubt one of the most licensed methods of bridging any emotional hole between companions.

This is why, as an alternative of decreasing it to only a position to go to sleep in, make use of the physique contact and dish out some soulful lovin’ from behind.

Chances are, your little spoon will really feel enveloped in a ball of affection and lust and can really feel rather more nearer to you.

2. Can’t Go ‘Sideways’ With This One

Positions To Try To Feel Closer To Your Partner
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A sexier abbreviation of spooning, this one includes you each dealing with one another in mattress whereas laying down in your aspect.

Think of it as hugging one another whereas having an opportunity to look into your associate’s eyes and telling them simply how a lot you like them.

3. It’s A ‘Wrap’

Positions To Try To Feel Closer To Your Partner
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Be the throne you’d need your queen to take a seat in, and get her on high of you as you each sit upright, holding one another shut.

Allow her to grind her strategy to an intimacy that you simply each would really feel troublesome popping out of and add to the expertise by moderating your tempo and rhythm.

4. Head’ Of Its Time

Positions To Try To Feel Closer To Your Partner
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There is multiple strategy to be inside her and attempting that can positively assist bind you two to an unforgettable expertise.

Often referred to as extra intimate than intercourse itself, indulging within the deliciousness of taking place in your associate is all about ‘giving’, making it selfless, sensual and all of the extra orgasmic.

5. Good Old ‘Missionary’

Positions To Try To Feel Closer To Your Partner
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One of the few positions that has not lost its attraction regardless of the overuse, the missionary can both be all about synchronised breaths, tender thrusts and vanilla kisses or it may be about giving in to the urgency of being inside your associate, rubbing in opposition to her.

Use the position to stimulate a way of safety and pleasure in her on the similar time, by directing the act and letting these endorphins kick in.

Don’t make it nearly penetration, hint your palms throughout her curves, kiss her breasts and make each inch of her physique really feel cherished, and watch the fireworks start.

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