10 Things you Should Know About Honda Activa

If you are thinking of buying a two-wheeler, Honda Activa is one of the preferred choices. The metal body and stability of this two-wheeler are excellent. It is great if you are going over long distances. It is a great vehicle to tackle bumpy roads and potholes.

There are 2 models of Honda Activa that are famous and have caught the eye of those who wish to buy a two-wheeler. However, any model of Honda Activa must be fully protected against losses & damages through buying the right insurance policy. One such coverage that is mandatory for all vehicles by the law is third party two wheeler insurance coverage.  Buying coverage as this will enhance protection against losses caused due to unfortunate events.

Among the two major selling models, the Honda Activa 6g is the one with a 110 CC engine and here’s what everything is written about this specific model. When you buy a Honda Activa here are the factors that you should look out for in detail.

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Things about Honda Activa you should know

  1. Analyse the Engine Performance:

Activa has an engine of 110 CC. With the telescopic suspension, tubeless tyres, and a 4 stroke engine, this engine is one of the most powerful ones. This gearless two-wheeler is as good as it gets. The glowing reviews of the engine performance will be enough to make you realize that Honda Activa is the best choice for a two-wheeler. The fuel capacity of the petrol tank is 5.3 litres.

  1. Look for the Best Interior Quality:

Honda Activa has lasted in the market for a long time because of the quality build. Whether you are stuck in heavy rains or battling against strong winds, Honda Activa is the best bet. The tough exterior made up of metal ensures the dents can be straightened out without replacing the body.

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  1. Avail Better Protection With an Insurance Cover:

The best option to protect your two-wheeler is to get two-wheeler insurance from day one. Having two-wheeler insurance will not only provide protection but help you have peace of mind. Since you are buying a Honda Activa, it is advisable to buy Honda Activa insurance. Such insurance will protect your two-wheeler from all damages and losses. Honda Activa insurance can be bought from the dealership or you can buy it online. Buying insurance online is extremely easy.

  1. Look for Stylistic Design with comfort:

Honda Activa is available in 6 colours. The height and width are comfortable for anyone to ride the two-wheeler. The self-start button, along with foot mats, handle grips, add to the look and class of the Honda Activa. The ample space to nestle your legs comfortably ensures you are enjoying the two-wheeler.

  1. Analyse Warranty Benefits:

Honda Activa comes with a warranty of 3 years. It can be extended up to 6 years at a nominal cost. The warranty is given by the dealership and allows for a repair or replacement in case of a flaw.

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  1. Analyse Top Features/Specifications:

The convenience of an external fuel lid coupled with the compact console that is easy to operate while riding Activa, are just some of the top features. The ample storage space under the seat can accommodate helmets, shopping bags, and a lot of other things. The start and stop engine switch, which is ideal for waiting in traffic at the signals, when you need to start and stop in an instant. The comfortable seat is great for the rider, as well as the pillion rider. The LED light is great for night-time travels and adventures!

  1. Research on the Available Prices:

This gem costs very little compared to the comfort it offers. Starting from 73,000 rupees, the price of this vehicle fluctuates as per the city and state. There are accessories you can pay for and add to your two-wheeler to make it more convenient for you to use.

  1. Get Insights on Digital-Analog Instrument Console:

The digital-analogue instrument console is the wisest way to lay out information the rider can look at, at a glance. The well-lit panel is the perfect way to absorb the micro-details without losing focus or your attention deviating.

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  1. Analyse the Performance of the two-wheeler:

The smooth-riding experience of the Honda Activa can be attributed to the beautiful design of the two-wheeler. If you wish to make your experience smoother, make sure to analyse your two-wheeler’s performance through a trail ride.

The process of analysing the two-wheeler will help you leverage the outcome and the performance of the Honda Activa two-wheeler, making your decisions seem right.

  1. Analyse the Brakes, Suspension, & Lock System:

The drum-type brakes in both the front and back wheel allow the Honda Activa one of the best ways of being safe. The telescopic suspension in the front and the 3-step adjustable spring-loaded hydraulic at the rear wheel make this two-wheeler, the favourite amongst the automatic ones on bumpy roads. The whole kit of the Honda Activa handle lock system of Honda Activa is reliable and 2 keys come with the two-wheeler. Hang on to that spare key!

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The robust engine and classy looks are enough for you to fall for the stunning Honda Activa. The reliable history and the steadiness are sure to make you ride to your office or college the best part of your day. Enjoy the ride on the most comfortable two-wheeler, responsibly.

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