Coronavirus Driving Restrictions: “Can I Drive Across State Lines?”

“In the midst of an epidemic, state governments have a very strong power to ban in the name of public health,” Professor Metager said, “as we know more about the virus, as we do more testing, sanctions.” The type of change that will be allowed. “

An exception: New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo threatened to sue the state of Rhode Island when its governor considered stopping cars with New York license plates on the border on March 28. Shortly thereafter, Govina Raymondo changed tactics, signing one. executive Order Instructing anyone – not only the people of New York, but also other Rhode Islands – are coming out of the state from home for 14 days.

The data suggest that movement restriction helps slow the rate of infection. But the government – whether local, state or federal – likely cannot keep it all. 273.6 million vehicles Off Road is registered in the United States.

“Most control of outbreaks in the US will depend on individuals in the US who make good choices,” he said Dr. Henry wooEmory director Travelwell center In Atlanta, which provides health services for international travelers.

Given the asymmetric nature of the disease – different parts of the country experience different stages of the epidemic – he said “increased travel between different regions of the country is likely to spread.”

Till here AAA suggests You “talk to your healthcare provider” before you leave.

Some of the country’s most famous drives, such as California’s Route 1, remain open. But some roadways officials – like Blue Ridge Parkway – Trying to discourage its use. Drivers there can still take panoramic views of the Shenando Valley, but find that toilets, visitor centers and campgrounds are closed along the route.

Ellen Pietroban, an assistant professor of global affairs at Trinity Washington University in Washington, D.C., who teaches a course Titled “The Great American Road Trip,” the two most comparable driving bans go back to the oil crisis of 1973 and World War II, when car manufacturing was halted, with all eastern states in some eastern states temporarily driving. There were prohibited and ration limited drivers to reduce as little as 3 gallons of gas per week at some locations. (“When you ride someone you ride with Hitler!” The promotional poster warned.)

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