Honda resumes most production after cyberattack

Los Angeles: Honda has resumed production at most of its plants after suffering a crippling cyber attack on its global computer network over the weekend, but it still works to resume some manufacturing operations in Ohio Is doing, the company said on Tuesday.

The automaker has not offered details on the factories at which it was forced to suspend production after the network was disrupted on Sunday. American Honda, the American sales arm, said some factories were forced to close due to loss of computer connectivity in North America.

The company acknowledged on Tuesday that the IT disruption was an external attack.

“Honda has experienced a cyber attack that has affected production operations at some US plants,” the company said in a statement. “However, there is no current evidence of loss of personally identifiable information. We have resumed production at most plants and are currently returning to production at our auto and engine plants in Ohio.”

It was unclear whether Honda was a victim of ransomware, in which hackers breached a corporation’s IT system and held the company hostage until ransom was allowed to resume.

In 2017, Honda was killed in a global WannaCry ransomware attack affecting production at a Japanese assembly plant, according to Reuters. The news agency said the attack also affected Renault and Nissan’s operations in Japan, Europe and India.

Following a coronovirus shutdown in March and April, Honda resumed production on May 11 at its auto assembly and parts plants in Indiana, Alabama and Ohio. The company stated that it is working to bring those facilities back to full production and replace lost inventory. Work on those plants was suspended.

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