Avoid These 3 Types Of Friends For A Happy And Serene Life

Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has paralyzed our lives. Although with many sectors opening phase by phase, life that returns to normal still seems like a distant dream. However, what helped us stay sane in these difficult times are our friends and family. And at times like these close friends they become like family, or you come to see their true colors. A reality check to put these friends in their place is a much-needed task that we must perform at regular intervals for our peace of mind. And what better day than Friendship Day? Be sure to cut ties with these vicious friends who are sure to take your sanity away. Read on to understand more:

1. The Drama Queen: The only person that matters most to them is their own being and their constant and small minor conflicts. This person will always make sure to create some kind of drama wherever and whenever he goes. Worrying about trivial and trivial things is second nature. For them, anything that involves them is always a big problem. Their problems, conflicts, fears, and problems are like a small grain to them.

2. Unnecessary critique: Also, fondly known as your friend’s “critic”, it is about criticizing all your choices and decisions. From your choice of lipstick to your choice of food, boyfriend, clothing, and even your job, under the guise of giving “constructive criticism,” your choices are being forced on you. This not only raises doubts, but also leads to significant trust issues and you always feel negative about every decision.

3. The friend who has a grudge: they are the worst type of friends to have. There is nothing more dangerous and damaging to a friendship than the poisonous stings of old grudges. No matter how strong your bond is when conflict or misunderstanding arises, they will never find a solution, but will hold a grudge and will always be reminded of it. Moving forward is not in your dictionary, no matter whose fault it is and how many times you have apologized for it, even if it is not your fault.

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