Benefits Of Automating Your CNC Machine With Robots

CNC machines have been in the factory for a long time now. They are essential in the production process for every factory that uses them.

Factory automation has made work easier in the factory. Automation with robots has made production processes fast and employees more productive in the factory.

CNC machines can be easily automated with robots for a more effective and efficient production process. Robots would make the work done by CNC machines in the factory easier and complete them in less time.

Here are the benefits of automating CNC machines with robots.


Automation of the factory is viewed by many as an expensive endeavor. However, the investment made in automating a factory pays back in a few years. Making the factory more profitable and easy to run.

When you automate your CNC machines with CNC robotics you save on costs. A single robot can tend up to 4 CNC machines on its own. Thus, you will require less labor to run your CNC machines and save on time and errors during production.


CNC machines work slowly. Robots are fast workers. Factories invest in robots when they have production challenges such as slow production rates. Robots are mechanical and fast. They don’t need breaks or regular maintenance.

Once they are programmed to perform a certain task robots will work until the task is complete. If you want to increase the rate of production or hasten a CNC machine process in the factory, automate the machine with a robot.

Fast Return On Investment

When you invest in a collaborative robot to automate your manufacturing processes, you can expect to see a return in less than two years. The price of collaborative robots is affordable even for small companies.

Once installed in the company, it raises the rate of production enough to raise the financial position. As a result, you can enjoy a quick return on your investment. Return on investment on the collaborative robots is between 1.5 to 2 years.

Solve Labor Shortages

One of the major challenges solved by investing in collaborative robots is labor challenges. Manufacturers are facing a major shortage of qualified people to hire in their factories.

When working with collaborative robots, a single robot can tend to several CNC machines at the same time. Thus, a factory doesn’t need to hire a large number of people to work on its factory floor and they will still have optimum production levels.

Increases Employee Morale In The Factory

Automating with collaborative robots helps to enhance employee morale. Once employees are freed from the monotonous tasks of running a CNC machine, they are free to take up other tasks within the factory.

Human workers are left to do the things that robots cannot. Tasks that require creative input, communication, and handling of stakeholders.

Increase Production Capacity In The Factory

Once you automate your CNC machines with robots, you can expect your production to rise. One of the ways to increase your production capacity is to let the robot run the CNC machine for extra shifts without human supervision.

Many factories that have automated their CNC machines leave them in production overnight. Thus, gaining several hours of production without any active involvement of the workers. Once programmed, the robot will tend the CNC machines without stopping for breaks or breaking down.

With little room for error, you will find that the final product is as programmed by the robot.

Increase Quality Of Products

Using a collaborative robot to automate production helps to increase the quality of products produced by the factory.

Once measurements of the final product are programmed into the robot, it produces as programmed with no error. This ensures that all products are uniform and there are no rejects in the products.

This helps the factory to sell more products as customers appreciate a higher quality product. It also helps to grow the profitability as the production rate in the factory grows.

Enhanced Safety In The Factory

Safety is one of the key features of a factory. However, in manual factories, accidents happen that are caused by the lack of sufficient safety measures. Automation with collaborative robots enhances safety in the factory.

First, monotonous and dangerous tasks are assigned to robots. This reduces the chances of accidents happening in the factory.

Secondly, you can make use of automatic processes to reduce accidents in the factory. Program the robot and leave it to produce without human involvement or supervision. This also eliminates accidents on the factory floor.

With increased safety, you will reduce absenteeism from your employees and enhance productivity.

Reduces Downtime In The Factory

Another benefit of automating your CNC machines with collaborative robots is that it reduces downtime.

Collaborative robots are mechanical. They do not need breaks to rest and they don’t break down. This ensures that you are always in production.

Collaborative Robots Are Easy To Use

The ease of use of collaborative robots allows you to automate CNC machine processes. Once a factory purchases a collaborative robot, they do not need to hire a robot programmer. Collaborative robots are easy to program. You do not need specialized robot programming knowledge to run the collaborative robot. They have an easy-to-use interface and can be taught manually how to perform a task.

To run a collaborative robot, you only need a little training from the integrators. Universal Robots, the leading cobot manufacturer has an online platform where you can learn how to operate the robot.


CNC machines have been dominated the factory floor for many years. With technological advancements, automation is now a key feature in manufacturing entities. Robotic automation has made it possible for machines to collaborate with other machines easily. As a result, CNC machines can be automated with collaborative CNC robots.

The above are benefits of automating CNC machines with collaborative robots. As more and more factories adopt collaborative robots, we will see more benefits arise.

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