Best Stocks to Buy Today

To start investing, you do not need to have a large fortune: you can multiply your money no matter how many coins you have in your pocket. Today, one of the most attractive investment niches is the acquisition of shares in startups and prospective companies. There are many successful examples to be inspired by.

This article will provide info about where to buy stocks and which stocks are the best to buy today. In addition, you can find other information at Coinspeaker, a popular news portal about business and finance. Make the right purchase decisions and get stable profits.

Where to Buy Stocks

Stocks are listed on exchanges, and there are more than plenty of options to choose from. If we consider the US market, there are two leading exchanges operating on it:

  • NYSE is the largest New York Stock Exchange in the world. It has been around since 1892, and this is where the stocks of traditional offline businesses are listed.
  • NASDAQ is the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations. Simply put, it is a stock exchange that was founded in 1971 and specializes in high-tech stocks.

There is also an over-the-counter (OTC) market for stocks not listed on major exchanges. You can consider it as well for your further investments.

Most Promising Companies to Buy Stocks

Here is a list of the three most promising companies to buy their stocks. So, instead of exploring the market with your own efforts, you can immediately switch to the below options.

#1 – Affirm Holdings

Fintech Affirm appeared in 2012. It was established by one of the first co-founders of the PayPal electronic payment system – Max Levchin. The company has 7 million stocks in its portfolio. Revenue for the third quarter of the fiscal year 2021 was $230.7 million, which is 67% more than in the same period last year.

Affirm held an IPO in mid-January this year. The company has placed 24.6 million stocks on the NASDAQ exchange at $49 per share, which is more than originally planned. Affirm’s share price soared 110.2% on the first day of trading. However, from the close of the first day of trading on August 2, their value fell by 32.85%.

#2 – Chesapeake Energy

Chesapeake Energy is a US shale oil and gas producer with 8.2 million stocks. In July last year, the NYSE suspended trading in Chesapeake shares, and on February 9 this year, the company’s old shares were canceled. The next day, new Chesapeake shares began trading on the NASDAQ exchange. From February 10 to August 2, the price of securities increased by 18.47%.

#3 – Alignment Healthcare

Alignment Healthcare is a platform with 15.4 million stocks in its portfolio. The company provides medical services in the United States to the elderly, chronic patients, low-income patients, and others most in need of treatment through Medicare Advantage.

At the end of March this year, the company held an IPO. It is now listed on the NASDAQ under the ticker ALHC. Alignment Healthcare placed 27.2 million shares at $18 per share. And 5.5 million of these were sold by some of the existing shareholders. As a result, the company raised $390.6 million. From the close of the first day of trading until the close on August 2, Alignment Healthcare stocks gained 20.45%.

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