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Bhojpuri Video Song: Between lockdown, Akshara Singh made a splash, repeatedly saw 'Ek Lakh Ka Lehnga' song

Special things

  • Bhojuri Song made a splash
  • Akshara Singh looks glamorous
  • Song crosses 1 million on YouTube

Bhojpuri actress and singer Akshara Singh have rocked their new song today amid the lockdown released in the country. Bhojpuri cinema (Bhojpiuri Cineme) actress Akshara Singh has this song, “Ek Lakh Ka Lehnga”, which Sony Music Regional released from its YouTube channel. This Bhojpuri song (Bhojpuri Superhit Song) is now It has been seen nearly 10 lakh times till date. This Bhojpuri Video song is becoming increasingly viral. The light effects used in the video of this Bhojpuri Superhit Song (Bhojpuri Video Song) are very amazing and they are very well liked. Being done Used to be.

Bhojpuri Song (Bhojpuri Superhit Song 2020) ‘A Lakh Ka Lehnga’ has been composed by Akshara Singh himself in his melodious voice. The lyrics of the song are by RR Pankaj and music by Vinay Vinayak. After a long time, Akshara has sung a song for another music channel. If Akshara believes about this song, ‘Ek Lakh Ka Lehnga’ chart is going to bust. The making of this song is very different and fresh. So I have great expectations from this song. Akshara said that my song is especially entertaining to all those people who are in the house after lockdown against Corona virus. Are healthy We wish everyone healthy.

Let me tell you that Akshara Singh is running her level awareness campaign to fight the corona virus. During this time, she was seen warning her fans from her Instagram, sometimes she was seen on the road before lockdown with a mask and sanitizer. Moreover, he also donated one lakh rupees to the Chief Minister Relief Fund of the Government of Bihar.

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