After ‘Fair & Lovely’, L’Oreal To Drop Words ‘White, Fair, Light’ From Skincare Range

French cosmetics major L’Oreal Group said on Friday that it would drop words such as white, fair and lighter from all its skincare products, a day after Unilever announced a similar move.

The cosmetics brand holds on to products that promote skin fairness amid growing voices against racial stereotyping. This has intensified in the wake of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement in the West.

“The L’Oreal Group has acknowledged legitimate concerns about the terms used to describe products on the skin as well, and therefore all of their skin-to-white products are white / white, blonde or blonde, lighter / lighter Decided to remove the word, “” the company said in a statement.

L’Oreal is a major player in Personal Care Depot and owns global brands such as Garnier, L’Oreal Paris, Maybelline New York and NYX Professional Make Up.

FMCG chief Unilever said on Thursday that it was withdrawing the word ‘Fair’ from its popular skincare brand ‘Fair & Lovely’.

Many companies have been forced to rely on their products and branding following opposition to ‘Black Lives Matter’ worldwide.

Recently, US-based healthcare and FMCG giant Johnson & Johnson (J & J) stopped the sale of its skin whitening cream worldwide, including India.

Kolkata-based FMCG firm Emami, which owns the fairness cream brand Fair & Handsome, said it was evaluating the current situation.

“We, as responsible corporate citizens, value consumer sentiments and take cognizance of the holistic approach that is necessary to meet their needs.

A spokesperson for Emami said, “We are currently studying all the effects and evaluating them internally to decide our next course of action.”

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