Dvara KGFS announces transactions worth Rs 7 crore through Aadhaar-enabled payment system

CHENNAI: Dvara KGFS on Thursday announced Rs 7 crore transactions through its Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) from April 19, 2020, which was implemented in remote rural areas.

Villagers, especially those living in remote rural areas, were heavily covered to draw cash from the start of the lockdown for daily use, as there was no access to banks or ATMs, the company said while addressing the media. Told from

More than 1000 wealth managers of Dwarara KGFS introduced villagers to AEPS with the help of concerned village heads and were able to facilitate more than 36,000 cash withdrawals and 60,000 balance inquiries through the platform.

“Our wealth managers have received great appreciation from the villagers on facilitating this service and we are looking at it as an effective tool to move us closer to our mission of maximizing financial welfare for every person in remote rural India. Will help, ”said Joey.

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