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Onion prices soar in Pune amid provide crunch

Onion prices surged in Pune after crops have been broken resulting from rainfall in numerous components of the nation following which shoppers are compelled to purchase onions in much less amount. According to an announcement by a dealer, the price has elevated as provide from farms is affected resulting from rain.

“Price has increased as supply from farms is affected due to rain. The price of onion that was around Rs 70/kg last week increased to Rs 120/kg today,” the dealer stated.

Another purchaser stated his weekly price range has been affected resulting from a surge in onions’ price.

“Now we are paying almost Rs 120 to buy one kg of onions. We used to buy two to three kgs of onions per week but now we are only buying a half or one kg of onions due to price surge. It has affected our expenses,” stated Prashant, a purchaser.

“We are unable to buy onions in a large quantity like we used to buy earlier. An average consumer cannot buy such expensive vegetables. These prices have surged after lockdown and these expenses have now become a burden for us,” stated Sonia Sunil Munde, one other purchaser.

Another dealer stated that the patrons are compelled to purchase onions in much less amount after a sudden price surge. 

Hence, the rise in prices has affected each merchants and patrons.

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