Railways dials e-retailers for on-demand parcel trains

New Delhi: Indian Railways is providing on-demand parcel train service to online retailers and businesses to ensure smooth movement of essential commodities across the country.

The move could help online retail giants like Amazon and Flipkart in their shipment operations which have been hampered by lockdown.

The Railway Ministry on Thursday said that industries, e-commerce companies and all interested groups, organizations, individuals and potential loaders can approach railway officials at the regional level to avail this service. It said that contact details of railway officials have also been circulated at various stations and made available to them.

An official ET reported that all major e-commerce players have been contacted.

“Zonal railways are reaching out to potential customers through various modes of communication including advertisements,” the statement said.

The national transporter has halted passenger trains, but has run freight trains to ensure supply of essential goods. While freight operations are meeting the need for bulk transportation of essential goods such as essential grains, edible oils, salt, sugar, coal, cement, milk, vegetables and fruits, etc., parcel trains are transporting goods that are less Quantity needs to be distributed. The ministry said.

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