Tirupur garment units ask govt to source PPEs locally, not from China

The Center’s decision to purchase 15 million Personal Protection Equipment Equipment (PPE) kits (including gowns, masks, gloves and goggles) from China to meet the country’s Kovid-19 requirements comes at a time when Indian textile companies have Has the ability to make tools. Within the country, textile manufacturers feel.

The manufacturers of the textile hub of Tirupur say that India has the capacity to produce the required PPE and it would have been better if the government had manufactured them to depend on China rather than supporting the industry.

Domestic manufacturers have the ability to manufacture 4,000 PPE kits and over 100,000 masks every day at competitive prices, with a local manufacturing company in Tirupur offering a full suit and mask for Rs 198. There are about 100 companies in Tirupur alone which have started manufacturing masks. .

Raja M. Shanmugam, president of Tirupur Exporters Association, said that instead of sourcing from China, all PPE kits can be sourced from industrial clusters like Tirupur, which manufactures knitwear worth around Rs 50,000 crore every year for exports and domestic markets .

He said that at present about 100 units are manufacturing masks, PPEs can be manufactured in textile factories of Tirupur with government assistance. Shanmugam stated that the standard operating procedure, information, education and supply of clothes required by all these manufacturers as government support was included.

He said the move would also help textile factories, which are sitting idle due to the shutdown across the country and in various global markets.

“These can be built rapidly in centers like Tirupur. Why is the government neglecting this big opportunity,” Shanmugham questioned.

Concerns about availability of PPE have increased with the number of Kovid-19 cases increasing in the country in the last few weeks. While the government has decided to purchase PPE for government hospitals, the private sector is finding it difficult to buy these kits, which cost around Rs 800-1000 per piece. Doctors and nurses dealing directly with Kovid-19 patients need to change kits frequently in a day. In addition, lab technicians who conduct tests also require PPE, approximately one per sample, according to industry sources.

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