Chhavi Mittal reveals what she eats in a day as she recovers from cancer

Chhavi Mittal, who was recognized with breast cancer lately, has been actively sharing tidbits about her remedy and recovery. In her newest YouTube vlog, the actor went on to disclose what she eats in a day, and the vitamin required throughout cancer remedy.

“What does any cancer recovering patient eat in a day? Well, there’s no common answer to this since this disease can be widely different for people. It depends on the grade, the stage, the treatment, the body type and so much more!” she wrote, advising fellow sufferers to test with their medical doctors earlier than following any weight loss program.

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She added that she has devised a weight loss program for herself “after researching a lot and taking into consideration each of my doctors’ advice… also understanding how my body is reacting to radiation and the diet. And I wanna say.. so far so good!”

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The first meal or drink of the day could be very essential. As such, Chhavi begins her day by ingesting tea fabricated from simarouba leaves. “These leaves are supposed to cure cancer and boost immunity in cancer patients. I boil 4-5 leaves in water at night and leave them overnight. In the morning, I strain and drink it,” she mentioned. “After this, I consume a few dry fruits which I soak overnight. Some of these include walnuts, almonds, black raisins and figs.”

For breakfast, she opts for an omelette and bread toasts. “Post breakfast, I’ll eat a mango. Ever since I have been diagnosed with cancer, I feel like I have lost a lot of weight so I need to put on weight,” Chhavi on why she consumes a heavy breakfast.

She revealed the meals objects she has been requested to utterly keep away from. “I have been told to completely avoid dairy. But I can drink almond or oat milk (instead of cow or buffalo milk). I have also been told to completely avoid soy until the time radiation therapy goes on, and one month after that. It is advised to avoid sugar as cancer cells feed on sugar.”

One factor that Chhavi has been requested to devour generously is caffeine. “I am really happy I can have coffee,” she mentioned.

Around 12:30 pm, she consumes sugar-free cookies and candies. She mentioned, “Snacking is extremely important right now because you can’t starve yourself. It is important to maintain your energy levels.”

Next, she drinks a concoction fabricated from chia seeds, kokum and roasted hemp seeds. “This regulates the acidity and is a coolant for the body. I drink this every day around 12:30-1 pm,” the actor said.

For lunch, she has bottle gourd, chane ki dal, a stir-fried salad fabricated from broccoli, child corn and yellow zucchini, a little little bit of hen and ragi rotis. She revealed that she can’t eat something uncooked as “when you are undergoing cancer treatment, your body’s immunity is low and you are more prone to infections. To avoid that, it is advised to not eat anything raw”.

“Another thing I consume once in a day is a mixture of beetroot powder, coconut cream, grated coconut and peanut powder. I am trying to eat as many superfoods as possible,” she added.

Adding to the listing of meals objects she has been requested to eat and keep away from, Chhavi mentioned, “In non-veg food items, I am allowed to eat fish and chicken, but not red meat. In veg food items, I am not allowed to consume spinach and fenugreek because they counter the effects of radiation.” Further, she is suggested towards consuming alcohol through the remedy.

As a night snack, she consumes a banana and sattu laddoos fabricated from desi ghee and dry fruits. “I make sure I drink enough water in a day,” she mentioned.

“For dinner today, I am eating dal, rice and arbi along with a salad made of zucchini and capsicum,” mentioned Chhavi as she concluded her day.

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