Construction Site Injuries: What You Can Claim

Construction workers have more injuries than workers in most other professions. This is a dangerous career choice because of the nature of the work. But, construction companies are legally obligated to provide as safe a workplace and environment as possible. There are OSHA workers’ safety rules and regulations they must follow. There are workman’s compensation provisions to help injured workers while they recover from injuries, but construction workers have certain rights and responsibilities.

On-Site Injuries

What if, in spite of being careful and following the construction site safety rules, a person is badly injured? A person suffering from an injury has more to worry about than trying to get fair compensation for their injuries. They are being treated for injuries and trying to pay their bills while they recover and are not able to work. It is not always easy to get help from an employer at a construction site when injuries happen.

The injured worker or their family should be contacting a law firm to protect their interests while the injury victim recovers. A law firm has the ability to research the accident and the conditions that caused the injury. They are familiar with the strict federal and state safety regulations that should have been followed. If the injured person believes their injury was caused by negligence on the part of the construction company or its employees, there may be a case for a lawsuit for compensation.

The first step is for the injured person to document everything they can at the time of their injury. They should try to get contact information for all the witnesses and take photos if possible. Then, get medical help as soon as possible. Next, it is time to contact a good law firm with experience in handling construction site injury claims. A firm such as Jacoby & Meyers has this experience and can help an injured party get fair compensation for their injuries and lost work time.

Types of Construction Injuries

There are a lot of ways construction workers can be injured, and a few of them include:

  • Electrocution and welding accidents or electrical burns
  • Falling or being injured by falling equipment or objects
  • Construction site fires
  • Forklift and other heavy equipment injuries
  • Carbon monoxide or other gas poisoning or injuries
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals or chemical burns
  • Defective construction equipment injuries
  • Trench collapses or cave-ins

All of these injuries can range from painful inconveniences to serious injuries resulting in hospitalization or even death. Workers can try to file a workers’ compensation claim on their own or contact a lawyer to do it for them. Remember, each employer is required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance is generally “no-fault” in nature. So, workers should get compensated when injuries occur even if there was no negligence.

But, sometimes there is negligence involved, and compensation should go beyond what the workmans’ compensation covers. It will take the expertise of a law firm to uncover the true cause and liability in a construction worker’s injury and to prepare a successful lawsuit to get that compensation promptly. The workmans’ compensation claim, when successful, will cover medical expenses, lost wages, and possible partial or permanent disability.

If a workman’s injuries are serious and have been caused by negligence, there is the possibility of bringing an additional claim against the employer or other subcontractors. This will depend on the circumstances and the special rules in the state the employee is in.

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