Corona: India World Bank approved Rs 76 billion emergency aid to India to deal with corona virus – world bank approves 1 billion dollar emergency help for India to fight corona

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  • World Bank will help India with about 76 billion rupees
  • World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors Approves Emergency Assistance
  • World Bank is helping developing country to help fight Corona
  • Pakistan, Afghanistan, Maldives Sri Lanka also announced help


The World Bank on Thursday approved India’s one billion dollar emergency financial assistance to combat the corona virus. The first set of $ 1.9 billion World Bank aid projects will help 25 countries and new campaigns are being pursued in more than 40 countries at an accelerated pace.

The largest part of emergency financial assistance will be given to India which will be one billion dollars. The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors approved the first set of emergency aid for developing countries around the world, following which the World Bank said, “Better screening, detection of contacts, laboratory testing with better than one billion dollars of emergency funding in India” , Will help in purchasing personal protective equipment and building new separate wards. ‘

In South Asia, the World Bank has approved assistance of $ 200 million for Pakistan, $ 100 million for Afghanistan, $ 73 million for Maldives and $ 12.86 million for Sri Lanka. The World Bank also said it approved a plan to release $ 160 billion in emergency aid for 15 months to help countries combat the effects of the global corona virus epidemic.

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