Coronavirus effect on Share Market: Sensex Opens 2,307 Points Lower – Corona’s impact on stock market: Sensex falls sharply on Monday, Nifty also rolled

Corona's impact on the stock market: heavy fall in Sensex on Monday, Nifty also rolled

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new Delhi:

The effect of the corona virus continues on the stock market as well. After rising after four days on Friday, it again declined on Monday. Sensex fell 2307 points as soon as the market opened on Monday. At the same time, the Nifty is moving below 800 points. Let me tell you, on Friday, the Sensex jumped by 1,627.73 points to 29,915.96 points and the National Stock Exchange Nifty closed at 8,745.45 points with a strong lead of 482 points.

Significantly, after a four-day decline, investors’ wealth increased by Rs 6,32,362.29 crore due to the sharp trend in the stock markets on Friday. The BSE Sensex closed up 1,627.73 points, or 5.75 percent, on Friday. With this, the market valuation of listed companies on BSE increased by Rs 6,32,362.29 crore to Rs 1,16,09,143.29 crore. Investors’ property in the stock markets suffered a loss of Rs 19.49 lakh crore in four days of heavy downfall before Friday. In these four days, the Sensex saw a drop of 5,815.25 points. Shares of 28 of the 30 companies included in the BSE Sensex closed up 18.58 percent on Friday.

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