Coronavirus: Now, Premium Google Meet free for schools till September 30

As families and teachers continue to face the new realities of combative work, school, and play at home, Google is offering premium Meet video conferencing features to schools for free through September 30.

Google Meat has crossed 50 million downloads on the Play Store, a massive 900 percent increase in user base in a few weeks as people work from home in the Covid-19 epidemic. Meet is currently hosting 3 billion minutes of video meetings and adding about 3 million new users every day.

To help give children access to online learning and educational tools, Google said that its ‘G Suite for Education’ tools can be used from any device and provides more than 120 million teachers and students worldwide Helps to work and learn together.

The tech giant has also started a new ‘Teach in Home’ hub for teachers with information and resources, so that they can teach and keep many schools closed due to Covid-19.

“This hub includes tutorials, step-by-step guides and inspiration for distance learning during school closures,” Google said in a statement on Friday.

“Our teams are working to provide families with opportunities to learn together at home, including the new YouTube Learn Home Family site, virtual field trips and search through Google Arts & Culture and our AI-enabled reading app Includes global roll-outs., “Said Christie Canneglow, VP of Trust and Safety at Google.

The new Kids tab on Google Play makes it easy for parents to find rich and engaging apps for their children.

Teacher approved applications should meet Play’s Design for family security and privacy needs.

The Teacher Approved program was launched in the US in early April, and will be rolled out globally later this year.

Google’s Family Link app helps parents create healthy habits for their child or teenager as they learn, play, and search online.

“Parents can monitor screen time with daily limits and a sleeping time on Android and Chromebook devices. They can help guide their children to better content with download approvals, per-app deadlines, and content filters. Can help, ”informed Mark Riser, Director. Product Management for Children and Families.

Another ‘Be Internet Awesome’ program teaches children about digital literacy and online safety.

The program features an interactive game, Interland, which reinforces Internet safety concepts for children in a fun and engaging way. It is available globally in over 28 countries and in 15 languages.

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