Coronavirus Patient Latest Symptoms and Signs of COVID-19 Disease; Know the Warning Signs | Coronavirus patients can become infected even 8 days after symptoms stop appearing, Chinese researchers claim

  • Results of joint research of PLA General Hospital and Yale University School of Medicine of China released
  • Eight of the 16 patients included in the research had parts of the virus up to 8 days after symptom elimination.

Dainik Bhaskar

Apr 01, 2020, 09:18 PM IST

Health desk. Health desk. Patients can become infected with a coronavirus even 8 days after symptoms stop appearing. This was revealed in the joint research of PLA General Hospital and Yale University School of Medicine in China. According to the researchers, half of the 16 patients who were being monitored in China during the research had virus traces for eight days after symptom elimination. In China, these patients were admitted from 28 January to 9 February.

Advice to increase isolation period

Researchers recommend that the corona patients have an isolation period of 14 days right now, which needs to be extended so that such patients do not spread the infection to others. During the research, a sample was taken from the patient’s neck and it was examined regularly.

The situation may be serious

According to Dr. Lokesh Sharma, Instructor of Yale School of Medicine, the most important thing of research is that half of the patients still have the virus home in their body due to withdrawal of symptoms. This can cause infection to take a more serious form.

Symptoms may show on different days

Symptoms usually take 5 days to appear, but symptoms are seen on the 8th day after a patient is admitted. According to America’s Disease Control and Prevention Control, patients whose fever has been cured without medication, if they show any symptoms again, they should be isolated for at least 3 days.

Stay at home if you feel the initial symptoms

Researcher Dr. Lijin Xi recommends that people isolate themselves for a long time. He says, if you are feeling symptoms related to corona then stay at home so that other people are protected from infection. Stay in quarantine for two weeks. Corona patients can infect others even after recovering.

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