Corrosion: Can Manufacturers of Cars Overcome the Problem?

Every car owner faces the problem of corrosion of the body parts. The process is inevitable since the oxidation of the steel body iron occurs under the influence of water and air. The appearance of rust is also influenced by various reagents with which roads are treated in winter. Besides, the body will be inevitably damaged in the process of operation by small rocks, trees, etc., which will lead to the corrosion of the car body.

One of the ways to fight this process is to repaint the affected parts to prevent corrosion from spreading all over the surface. It is a common reason why a lot of vehicles have parts recovered. Car accidents are not the only reason to repaint a vehicle. If you are buying a used car, it is better to carry out a DMV VIN lookup so that to be sure that this machine has not been damaged in an accident, as well as to find out more details on its repairs, maintenance, etc.

Prevention of Corrosion: Possible or Not?

Aside from introducing high-tech technologies, gadgets, and AI functions, car manufacturers are looking for ways to make vehicles more reliable. Corrosion is one of the processes that compromise the integrity and rigidity of the car body, therefore, in case of an accident, this vehicle will not ensure sufficient protection to a driver. Here are some of the approaches used by modern manufacturers.

Selection of materials

There are five main methods of fighting rust:

  • seals in the seams of the body,
  • good sealing of cavities,
  • sophisticated paint and varnish technology,
  • galvanizing, and
  • anti-corrosion coating.

But protection against corrosion is thought out even at the stage of creating body parts in each new project of a future car. An essential part of the anti-corrosion philosophy is quality steel.

The characteristics of the material from which the base of the body is made affect how long this body will remain intact after years of exposure to destructive factors. The quality of steel has only increased over the past decades – it has become denser and stronger, which allows manufacturers to apply more protective materials, and the finished body remains more resistant to corrosion.

Special body shapes

One of the main secrets that automakers are able to fight against rust is the special shapes of the body parts. For instance, Volkswagen engineers pay special attention to door panels.

Multi-layer body coating

Nowadays, along with wax, the body is also treated with chemical anti-corrosion compounds and undergoes dynamic tests by the method of artificial ageing.

Accelerated resource tests

In the first months of the development of the car, complex computer simulations of dirt, small stones, and debris from the road hit the body (simulating real-life damages). Even minor adjustments to body contours and protective elements such as mud flaps often lead to major improvements.

To Conclude

Drivers are eager to test vehicles with new anti-corrosion approaches introduced. Check out the news in the industry to find out when such cars will be released so that you can acquire one of them.

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