Covid 19 Spread How These Places Made Coronavirus Hotspots In India Within Few Days – Coronavirus Hotspots: How These 10 Areas Become Coronavirus Hotspots Of Corona Virus In India

BBC Hindi, Updated Wed, 01 Apr 2020 01:16 AM IST

The number of people infected with the Corona virus in India and the number of deaths are constantly increasing. There are some areas in the country that have become ‘hotspots’ of the corona virus, that is, there are more cases than other areas here. The Health Ministry has identified these hotspots and has also made a special strategy to control the situation. , So as to avoid the possibility of community transmission from here.

“The government is ensuring that these hotspots are properly monitored to ensure that the virus does not spread. The central government is continuously identifying the emerging hotspots of Kovid-19,” said Luv Aggarwal, joint secretary of the health ministry on Tuesday. And is implementing a strict cluster control strategy there. “

However, Luv Agarwal insisted that it is an infected disease, so no number would be set that any area would be declared a ‘hotspot’ if there were so many infected people. “If the government feels that there is a possibility of widespread spread of infection in an area, then only one case will be declared that area will be declared a hotspot.”

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