Disgusted, says producer Ritesh Sidhwani after rumours claim his niece is coronavirus-positive | People News

Film producer Ritesh Sidhwani has called out people spreading false news about his niece being coronavirus-positive. In a lengthy statement on social media, Ritesh said that his niece returned from London and underwent a test for COVID-19 at a Mumbai hospital after she developed a fever and cough, but gladly she was not tested positive. However, even before her test results were declared, the producer said people had already started spreading rumours about her health.

“Have been absolutely disgusted with forwards about my niece back from London, having tested positive in coronavirus test,” Ritesh captioned his post.

“While the medical report was still awaited, a certain WhatsApp Medical College had already declared her positive. And they don’t just reveal her identity but also spell out where she resided. This so caring WhatsApp Medical College was advising everyone to stay home! There’s no advise on not stigmatising anyone even if they test positive. Not to forget these are our so-called ‘’friends and neighbours’ who don’t care a damn about the privacy of a young little girl,” read an excerpt from his statement.

Ritesh added that though his niece has now been tested negative for coronavirus but she will still be taking “precautionary measures” for the next two weeks.

Novel coronavirus cases in India rose to 341 on Sunday and the pandemic has so far claimed seven lives. Large gatherings have been banned, metro and train services have been cancelled till March 31 owing to the outbreak. Malls, theatres, gyms and public places have also been shut. While shootings have also been halted till the end of this month. People have been asked to remain indoors as precautionary measures.

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