Download speed improves for urban users

Indian urban users have begun to experience Internet download speeds, recording the largest improvement of 38.1 percent in Delhi for the week ended 12 July.

According to an OpenSignal report, it was followed by Mumbai (33.5 percent), Hyderabad (33.1 percent), Ghaziabad (32.4 percent) and Chennai (30.4 percent).

However, exceptions were Dhanbad, Kanpur, Solapur and Thiruvananthapuram, where users continued to see significantly lower download speeds during the lockdown period.

During the end of the fourth phase of lockdown (May 18–31), overall download speeds for users in most cities had returned to normal, with no significant differences from pre-lockdown levels.

At the same time, users began to see significantly faster download speeds in some cities, and the trend expanded to more cities during the period when the lockdown was relaxed from 1 July.

The pattern first appeared in Tier-1 cities, where there was a more pronounced improvement in download speeds, it added.

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