Parents not ready to send children to school, demand reduced syllabus, to continue online classes

There is even the Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) Schools reopen after 15 August. The government does not have to share guidelines about how schools will function after the lockout. While the school administration has less than two months to prepare, it is the parents who are more concerned.

Many parents are not ready to send their children to school and demand to continue classes through online mode. But for those who do not have access to online infrastructure, the situation is worse. An online petition by the parent association on demands that schools (concerned) remain closed until “zero COVID cases” in the state. The petition has more than 9.06 lakh signatures till 22 June. It claims, “Not a single child should be sent to schools for their own safety” and demands that the entire “academic session should continue in e-learning mode.”

Drastic reduction in curriculum

“It is a terrible idea to send my child to school in a PPE kit,” the parents of a Class 10 student in Gurugram told “As a mother, my child’s safety is my primary concern and no one can force us to send our children to school until we feel they are safe. Online classes may continue until the situation improves, ”she commented.

He suggested that the curriculum be shortened. “Schools should reduce the curriculum considerably to ease some of the pressure on children. Being confined to their homes, studying for a full year to see the exam being canceled, the risk of an epidemic and emerging uncertainty is already enough for these teenage children, ”she said.

Strict guidelines for online education

Many parents, who previously had concerns about not having the right mode of study in online classes, now prefer the on-campus option, which is “worse”. Fear is more common in parents of young children.

Varun Khanna, president, Amritsar Parents Welfare Association, cited a study by New Delhi’s National Institute of Mental Health and Neurological Sciences (NIMHANS), that “online education exposes students to too much screen time and their Affect psychological development. ”

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Amid pay cuts (express photos) some parents are transferring their children from private schools due to low spending on education.

Khanna said, “If online education is the only support left, then we must ensure that it is completed correctly and not only for children, but to manage multiple classes, counseling parents and their own families Strict guidelines should also be followed for teachers who do not have one. ” .

Build trust with your child first

Radhika Singh, a physician and parent herself, commented, “If parents think that the situation is conducive to sending their children to school by August, then their child will go out and reflect this belief.” First of all, parents have to build that trust with their children. Parents need to take a stand and be clear with their child and provide guidance. ”

Singh said, as a parent, I do not let my child feel insecure for something he has not done.

“The safety of a child is important to both the school as well as the parents. If the situation does not improve by August, we can find a way together, ”she said.

Not all schools are equal

Alka Kapoor, principal of New Delhi’s Modern Public School, Shalimar Bagh, said that every school is different and that online education also depends on the means available to them. “For schools, students as well as teachers are a major concern. Most schools operate at a student-teacher ratio of 1:40; In some schools, it is worse. Some schools have been converted into relief centers and even quarantine facilities; In such cases, parents are more apprehensive and need to follow strict signaling criteria. Also, every school has students under the EWS (Economically Weaker Section) quota who do not have access to resources. We send photostat copies of the notes to them at our school but in most cases, parents are not literate, which means that this is a major challenge for these students.

Kapoor said, “With the onset of the monsoon approaching, it may not be a very good idea to open a school because students are at risk of catching the common flu and virus during these times. The outbreak of an epidemic can have adverse effects. We will continue the education online, but still if a student wants to come to school and study and the government approves, we have a duty to work for that single child. ”

He said that moving forward, his school and others will focus more on creating a blended learning ecosystem for students.

Due to pay-cuts, many parents are also sending their children to government schools. FICCI ARISE Chairman Manit Jain said, “More than 90 percent of the students in private schools are getting proper online classes in Delhi NCR. In the case of such schools, educational losses will be minimal. Many teachers across the country are claiming that they are able to cover more syllabus in less time. Regardless, it is a temporary condition and there is no cause for panic, so long as online learning continues. We would encourage parents to consider the socio-emotional health of the child, to engage with their social groups, and not to cause any significant disruption to the lives of the students.”

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