Ali Fazal bats for mental health consciousness, urges people to ask for help | Entertainment News

The actor believes that the pandemic has pushed us to acknowledge the significance of mental health in our nation.

UPDATED ON MAY 28, 2021 07:33 PM IST

While a variety of points have come to the fore within the final one and a half year, actor Ali Fazal says that it has taken the COVID-19 pandemic to acknowledge and perceive the extreme want for mental health consciousness and build amenities for the identical in our nation.

After years and years of silence and disgrace round it, now India’s consciousness relating to mental health is growing every single day. The Mirzapur actor says, “It’s high time we speak up about mental pressures while also helping spread awareness about mental health in India, a country in which people still grapple with enormous amounts of stigma and ignore the importance of mental health in their lives, thus letting mental illnesses fester in them without seeking professional help.”

Fazal believes that if we communicate up now, many lives could be helped on this hour of want. At a time when uncertainty coupled with concern due to the pandemic is at its peak, the affect that it has on people particularly by way of their mental health is a serious concern for the world.

The actor explains, “So many people suffer through mental illnesses and many don’t even recognise it due to the lack of awareness in our society. I think that if we don’t speak up now, it will continue to worsen and cause irrevocable harm to so many for whom help can actually be provided easily. Today, the situation is already worse than ever given the constant stress and fear of Covid-19 and lockdowns, making it harder to cope for almost everybody. So I’d like to urge everyone to speak up and take help if they need it and just sincerely be kind to one another at all times.”

Mental health and its affect can spare nobody, together with youngsters who might also undergo from varied issues resembling despair or nervousness. He provides its crucial right now that we build consciousness and encourage others to search skilled help by way of our empathy and assist in our society.


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