Arco: It’s been more than two years since your soil was released, we still get messages for this

Nazm Nazm, Tere Sang Yaara, Rains – Arco Pravo Mukherjee’s soulful compositions always mesmerized the audience. However, in his repertoire is Akshay Kumar starrer Kesari Se Teri Mitti. It has been two years since its release, but it had such an impact that it brought fame to singer, B Praak overnight and won him the National Award for Best Singer of the Year.

Arco still doesn’t get what about the song that made it so popular. “We do so much work, we don’t think this song will do so well. It’s been more than two years since it was released, we still get messages for Terry Clay. Someone showed me recently, it’s just Also on some charts. It’s a strange thing, I never saw it.

For the National Award for Singer, Arco says that B Prac is very talented, but many people outside of Punjab did not know it back.

“The song was destined for his Bollywood debut. He sang it so well, was executed so well with every emotion. Hamsa is not there You see these reality shows, every child sings so well, there are so many good singers in our country. It is not a question of skill, but more about emotions and things falling into place. Salutations to Manoj Muntashir, who wrote the song, “Arco Says”, currently host to independent singles and busy with his own YouTube channel.

Last year, due to the onset of the epidemic, several film projects were affected, including Arco. “None of my films were released then, everything was postponed. All this has now come into motion. I will start promoting my YouTube channel. The first project will be Satyamev Jayate 2, then Mission Majnu, “he said,” This initiative of independent songs, I have signed an agreement. The market is huge now, there are a lot of releases and clutter. Hopefully, if we have some songs that can break through that clutter in the long run, that’s what we’re thinking. “

An excited Arco goes on to say that he is really looking forward to how people will react to a particular song in Satyamev Jatay 2, which will be on the lines of Teri Mitti. It reunites Muntashir and Bee Prak with the composer.

“Now, we will be judged in comparison, so we are trying to maintain the standard. This will happen to me for the first time. I have big songs, but nothing like it.

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